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CMA Coronavirus / COVID-19 Real time update. This article covers issues such as returning to work safely, PPE, sanitation procedures, keeping yourself and your clients safe and much more. The article also describes the symptoms of those who have contracted Coronavirus 2019-nCoV and examines complementary medical and lifestyle medicine ways of treating it, given that there is an absence of any viable vaccine or medicine at the current time

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Jayney Goddard, President of The
Complementary Medical Association welcomes

Faye Cox

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My name is Faye and I'm
a Professional Master
Coach & Mentor, as well
as a qualified Cognitive
Behavioural Therapist ...

Debra Smith

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I am a qualified holistic
therapist and run my
practice from home but do
also travel to see my
clients. I am a massage ...

Daphne Leong

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Hello thereI am Daphne
and currently residing in
Malaysia.  I began my
quest in alternative
remedies 7 years ago ...

Judith Jacobs

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I am a Psychotherapeutic
counsellor with
experience working with
adults and 11-18 year
olds. I work with a variety

Faye Minchew

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I offer a natural and
holistic approach to
health & wellbeing. I’m a
certified Holistic Therapist
based in the Tewkesbury

Steve Wood

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Hi thanks for dropping
by. My name is Steve
Wood, I am a Master
Practioner, in NLP &
Hypnotherapy. I am also a

Therapies For
Special Needs

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Author of Indian Head
Massage with Jessica
Kingsley Publishers due
Nov 2015. I have refined
standard indian head ...

Open College
UK Limited ...

image small 1

The Open College™
Open College UK Ltd is
'currently' offering our
Accredited Diploma
Courses in ...

Institute of Allied

image small 1

MIAS specialises in a
wide variety of
transformative online and
training.Whether you're ...

Penelope Fox

image small 1

Wellness Ltd is
dedicated  to give you ...

The School of

image small 1

The School of Health is
recognised as a leader
providing home study
courses for alternative
medicine. Founded in ...

The Northern
College of ...

image small 1

Clinical Hypnotherapy
Foundation & DiplomaIf
you want to stand out
from the crowd with a
clear, friendly, ...

Vicki Clarke

image small 1

Vicki Clarke, the founder
of Vicki Clarke
Cosmetics, takes an
holistic approach in all
aspects of her work. The

Dr Nai Chi Chan

image small 1

 Fellow of
Complementary Medical
FCMA(UK) Member of
American Academy of ...

Dimitri Dimitriou

image small 1

Over 30 years’ experience
advancing medical
research. Imperial
College Medical School
(Royal Postgraduate ...

David Morel

image small 1

Certified as a Meditation
and Mindfulness Teacher,
Accredited Coach,
Positive Psychology /
Emotional Intelligence / ...

Penny (Panayiota) Adamopoulos

image small 1

My name is Penny
Adamopoulos and I am
Holistic Coach & Mentor,
Medical Astrologer,
Vibrational Medicine ...

Karen Serra

image small 1

Since 2012 I have been
working as a counsellor
for mainstream school
children and adolescents.
I have worked for over 23

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Plant-based diet can slash severity of COVID-19, finds major new study
Plant-based diet can slash severity of COVID-19, finds major new study

Following a plant-based diet could help decrease the severity
of COVID-19, according to a new major study published in the

Strange and Bizarre: Pink drinks can help you run faster and further, study finds
Strange and Bizarre: Pink drinks can help you run faster and further, study finds

A new study led by the Centre for Nutraceuticals at the
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Healing from post pandemic trauma: Moving forward after lockdown
Healing from post pandemic trauma: Moving forward after lockdown

Anxiety about re-entering society as the world continues to grapple with the pandemic is real. How, then, do we move forward from the collective trauma of COVID-19?

“Spiritual Fitness” may preserve cognitive function in aging

BIZARRE Medical Facts

Scientists at EPFL in Switzerland have
shown that you are more likely to initiate a ...
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