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Jayney Goddard, President of The
Complementary Medical Association welcomes

Sandra Blair

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Bio-Energy Healing is a
very gentle yet powerful
treatment. It requires very
little touch and is safe to
use on all conditions. The

Douglas Willoughby

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ABOUT MEMy name is
Doug Willoughby I am a
trained level 3 Animal
Reiki Master Teacher with
unbroken lineage back to

Jacqueline Brown

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My name is Jacqueline
Brown, a qualified
practising Counsellor
with a legal background
working in Uxbridge, ...

Neil Martin

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Having achieved a
transformation in his own
health, Neil Martin
(a.k.a. Natural Juice ...

Sheila Whittaker

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Sheila's professional
working history - she was
originally a classically
trained professional
violinist and musician ...

Sarah Praise

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 Good Health Promotion
is a combination of
Holistic Therapy and a
Health Shop service
offering natural ...

Therapy and ...

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Tranquillity Therapy and
Training Centre is based
in Kidderminster,
Worcestershire and 
qualified to offer the ...

Gentle Touch
Therapy ...

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At Gentle Touch Therapy
Training College we can
provide you
with:Accredited training to
practitioner ...

Holistic Healing

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We are a London based
CMA Registered college
running accredited and
insurance eligible
professional counselling


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We have been YOGA
SINCE 2006 and
specialise in training
people in the UK and ...

Mindfulspace ...

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The Mindfulspace
Wellbeing Company is
owned by Gail Donnan. 
They are based in Ripon,
North Yorkshire.  Gail is a

Hands Of Light

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Welcome to our
Academy!We are a
training establishment
dedicated to
transformation and ...

Leasa C Lawrence

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Lea is a clinical specialist
in aesthetics,
cosmetology & wellbeing
for non-surgical &
non-invasive solutions ...

Dr Nai Chi Chan

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 Fellow of
Complementary Medical
FCMA(UK) Member of
American Academy of ...

Michael Moxon

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My name is Michael
Moxon I am a very busy
mobile back practitioner
working 6/7 days a week.I
am truly dedicated to my

Karen Serra

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Since 2012 I have been
working as a counsellor
for mainstream school
children and adolescents.
I have worked for over 23

Sonia O'Donnell

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Sonia O'Donnell LCPH
FCMA: Clinical Director
NTA HealthSonia has
been a qualified
Homeopath and ...

Joseph Baker

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I have had a long interest
in Holistic and
Complementary therapies
since the age of 17, for
over 30 years I have been

COVID-19: Managing mental health with yoga
COVID-19: Managing mental health with yoga

A new study has found that movement-based yoga improves
the mental health of people living with a range of mental ...

Middle Age May Be Much More Stressful Now Than in the '90s
Middle Age May Be Much More Stressful Now Than in the '90s

A team of researchers found that across all ages, there was a
slight increase in daily stress in the 2010s compared to the ...

COVID-19 - A mental health response - PART 3 - Reach
COVID-19 - A mental health response - PART 3 - Reach

Easton Hamilton, the director of Reach, has put together
several articles regarding mental health and COVID-19. ...

New and diverse experiences linked to enhanced happiness, new study shows
New and diverse experiences linked to enhanced happiness, new study shows

New and diverse experiences are linked to enhanced happiness, and this relationship is associated with greater correlation of brain activity, new research has found.

COVID-19 - A mental health response - PART 2 - Reach

BIZARRE Medical Facts

Scientists at EPFL in Switzerland have
shown that you are more likely to initiate a ...
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Q. "Do you believe that health retreats are worthwhile?"


Q. "I think it's worth buying organic produce"

: 81.5%
: 18.5%

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