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As you know, The Complementary Medical Association is a not – for - profit organisation and we therefore thoroughly value the support shown to us by ethical, progressive companies like yours.

The Complementary Medical Association (The CMA) has awarded "CMA Approved Supplier” status to a select number of suppliers and companies in the Complementary Medical and Natural HealthCare fields – companies that produce exceptional products.

The Complementary Medical Association (The CMA) does not endorse products.

The CMA does recognise manufacturers and/ or distributors whose products – or services – are effective, safe and ethical - and are supported by scientific and/ or research-based testing.

Can your company demonstrate it works ethically to produce effective products? Do you undertake the research required to produce proven results? Are your products and/ or services safe? Is your company good enough to be awarded CMA Approved Supplier, or CMA Corporate Supporter status?

If you think your company meets these requirements and you want to discuss CMA Approved Supplier Membership, contact us today.


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Allicin International (AIL) is a company that is 100% committed to a programme that is based on Research and Development. The one product it focuses all its research and development efforts on is a naturally sourced (organic product) - “Allicin”.

Springfield has been around in the Health Food Industry for almost 15 years and closely monitors all the latest developments in the field of nutrients and science.

Rio Trading operates to high ideals with its fair trade policy, from sustainable sources, use of natural ingredients and its commitment to minimising the use of any additives.

Green People are one of the biggest brands in the UK when it comes to the world of organic beauty.

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