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Lauretta Giovanonni

Mad About My Life is a tailored lifestyle and personal development coaching service.

Through our coaching programmes, we create a safe and confidential space that allows our clients to communicate freely and honestly with the promise of support, guidance and empowerment to realign their life.

We’ve had our share of tough times and have felt the soul-satisfying power of taking control of our state to purposefully direct and develop lives that WE are mad about!


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About Lauretta


South African born and now living in the UK, Lauretta holds a first degree in Psychology and Counselling and a Master’s Degree in Occupational Psychology. Added to her continual education, Lauretta is a qualified and experienced coach and bereavement counsellor, as well as an accredited psychometric and personality practitioner.  She has recently been accepted to undertake a professional PhD in Coaching Psychology to further deepen her knowledge and to research the preventative essence of coaching on mitigating stress related disorders & diseases.

Stemming from her own life experiences and at times bumpy personal journey, Lauretta has long held a fascination with understanding human behaviour.  “Growing up, I found myself in a very difficult situation where I felt trapped and inwardly destroyed. This lead to self-destructive beliefs and behaviour. A pivotal point in my journey, was at the age of 25, when I felt alone and confused. Finally, I refused to head down the path I was once very familiar with. Even though at the time I didn’t know how to change my life, I knew it had to change. I remember making a conscious decision to surround myself with people that loved and valued themselves, to observe and learn how to love myself. I let go of the things that were damaging me and focused on educating myself in “how” to improve myself and my life. I had a hunger to read and study anything I could get my hands on.”

“Eventually this hunger for knowledge to create a better life for myself led me to my degree in counselling and psychology. I started to understand myself and make healthy living a priority. Still to this day, it helps me to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle”.

Lauretta brings to Mad About My Life a deep psychological understanding of how mental wellbeing can impact lives and has dedicated her career to passing on her knowledge to individuals that have the desire and determination to improve their lifestyle and overall wellbeing.

“I help clients turn challenges into triumphs. Through my coaching process, they realise that the most testing events are often the most empowering ones – where you realise how strong you really are. That is why I do what I do.”

What people say


“I was very sceptical about whether this would work for me, but I have to say that I have been following the advice from ‘Mad About My Life’ and I already feel so much better about myself. I will be happily recommending to friends and family!”

Jason Sullivan


“I really liked how well thought out the questions were for the sessions. They really helped work out
correlations and narrow down my areas of interest and enjoyment.
Lauretta helped me break down where my values truly lay. What I was passionate about, who I
was at the core. I think when your confidence is broken and your life has taken so many unwanted
turns, it was so helpful to find what the true essence of what makes you, you is.”



“Working with Lauretta has enabled me to get back into a place where I feel truly happy and able to productively move forward with my life. Knowing that
there is a way out. Something I’ve really learnt is that I need to always listen to myself, if something is getting me
down I need to find a way to fix the problem and not put it on the back burner. My emotional and physical health is so
important and I need to never neglect it in the future. Practising small daily stress relievers no matter the kind of day
I’ve had really reduces my anxiety. Salt baths are my new found sanctuary and every evening I end it with headspace.”



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