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Joanne Morrison

If you have reached a point in your life where you need someone to work with you.  A coach who will show you how to bring about changes that will have a long term, big impact then I can help you 

I have been working with clients who are dealing with life changing events that have led them to look at their whole healthy habits.  Lifestyle Transformation Coaching addresses many aspects of your health including your activity, nutrition, juicing to support your body, behaviour changes and expectation. 

I work on a one to one basis and offer tailored online and in person comprehensive training that will set you on the right track.  To be successful takes commitment and the belief that you are going to make things happen.  Looking at factors that may be holding you back and contribution to health issues, negative emotional states and lack of achievement we work together to bring about a positive outcome.

I have over 30 years training and coaching experience specialising in

* Womens Health

* Independant Natural Juice Therapy Coaching

* Weight loss

* Recovery from illness - cancer, brain injury and stroke

* Ovecoming challenging events

* Functional Training after Stroke (ARNI Level 4 Instructor and Associate)

* Positive Mindset Coaching

* Training Plans

* Food Plans

With over 30 years as a Personal Trainier and consultant I can help you - I am a Master NLP practitioner, Master Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis practitioner.  You will make significant changes that will improve your overall health and wellbeing.  I offer a motivating, energetic and supportive approach and I appreciate the importance of strong engaging coaching that will bring results for you . Coaching and therapy that will bring positive change and will support you in your personal health success.  The whole package of nutirition, juice therapy, fitness, wellbeing and positive mental attitude all combine to create a successful outcome in wellness.

Please contact me I travel throughout the UK and Europe to work with clients and offer a Free Initial 20 minute telephone or online consultation for all potential new clients.

I am a Fitness and Figure Competitior who works with clients looking to transform thier body for stage and competition.


I am passionate about helping people to improve their lifestyle and to really look at the factors within their life that are affecting their health and wellbeing.  How to make small changes that will have a big impact.  Change their behavior to support their goal and bring in great nutritional benefits by introducing fresh organic cold pressed juices to their food intake that will flood their bodies with the good stuff. 

I am a cancer and Brain tumor survivor who was called upon to use my knowledge and learn core skills to bring about my own recovery.  I want to help others who are facing similar challenges to take control of their lives again and give them hope.


What people say


‘Inspirational’ is a much over-used word but, in Jo’s case, it’s the only one that will do. Not only is she one of the most dedicated, motivated and knowledgeable coaches you could wish for, but she is also one of the kindest. She never gives up on you, even when you start to give up on yourself, and her own story of overcoming so many serious medical problems makes you realise that if she can keep going and improving, so can you. Thanks to Jo, I have turned from someone who thought ketchup was a vegetable into someone who can’t go a day without spinach and kale featuring somewhere in a juice. I’m nowhere near where I want to be, yet, but thanks to Jo I am at least on the right road. And, I know I can count on her to get me the rest of the way.
Eileen Riley


Jo is such an inspirational coach working with her was such a life change for me. I just needed someone to work with me. I was overweight had no energy and struggled to get motivated. Jo helped me to identify the specific areas that I needed to change small things that were having a big affect on my life.

I am so happy with the results and my life is filled with energy I am finally enjoying exercise and have stopped dieting and started eating food that makes me feel good about myself.

Thank you Jo
Mary Fielding


Hi Jo,

I just wanted to pass on my thanks along with an update of my new lifestyle change.

Since listening to you ( repeatedly) about all the benefits making our own fresh juices along with sensible main meals and none to moderate exercise for the last 8 weeks, I have lost a stone and Tracey 9 pounds.

Wishing JuicyJos every success.

All our love,

Richard & Tracy Collins


At 35 I had a full hysterectomy & went into a full menopause over night. I didn’t op for HRT so went through sweats, moods, tears aches. Pains in my joints in a condensed 6-month period. But Hey I was 35, so what!! ERRRM.. It wasn’t until 2018 With a significant birthday looming (50) , I didn’t like was starring back at me in the mirror , I knew I had to change . I was at least four stone overweight, size 18 & was classed as obese. On top of that I had an under active thyroid. Where was I to begin …my body fat was actually 49%. Half my body was fat. I knew it was going to be a battle. I was at my lowest point in my life & on to make it worse my partner ended our relationship, whilst it was never said I still believe to this day it was because I was over weight.
I started my journey … Training late every night, so no one saw me. Three days a week at first … then four, then five … after six months I had actually lost a stone. I should have been happy right … No!!! Then the weight loss started to slow down. I couldn’t go back only forward. Then I was lucky to see some photographs of Joanne Morrison on a face group I belonged too. It was of Jo winning a bodybuilding contest. I was amazed & couldn’t believe this lady was 54 years old, She looked amazing & I sent her a message saying I had so much respect for her. To my surprise she texted back & said you can do this … I said I would love too but that wasn’t going to happen. Lets face it I had a long way to go.
Jo introduced me to the 30 day to healthy living, I thought well I hadn’t anything to lose & Jo had also started her journey on the cleanse. At the end of the thirty days I had actually lost weight !!! Just over half a stone, I couldn’t’ believe it . But I didn’t want to stop. At the end of last year 2018 Jo & Livia set up a group for ladies that all wanted to transform their bodies. They inspired me & made believe I could really do this, this is some amazing thing.. As how could I go from 49% body fat, & to
Dee Hazelwood


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