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The Complementary Medical Association (The CMA)

Jane Langridge

I first qualified as a Naturopath over thirty years ago & in those days it was an unusual career choice with no other medical/complementary practitioners in my family background. I was strongly drawn at a young age to seeing the healing potential in nature and this was the career path that I found for myself. As a lifelong learner I have continually added to my qualifications and study in Naturopathy. I have specialist qualifications in five element Acupuncture, clinical Aromatherapy, Counseling, Nutrition, Reflexology and Yoga amongst others.

I taught for many years as a senior lecturer and programme leader, worked as a therapist in my local cancer hospital as well as later opening my own complementary therapy centre and training school whilst raising my two children. For a while I allowed myself to be distracted into other business areas but then in 2013 my own health crisis with cancer brought me back to where I belong.

I recently trained with Dr Nasha Winters (USA) on her metabolic mastermind programme to help doctors and patients achieve better outcomes when dealing with a cancer diagnosis. Now thanks to zoom technology I am able to counsel patients all over the country from my office.

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