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Jacqueline Kahn

Jacqueline Kahn, M.Msc.

I began working in the field of Holistic Health nearly thirty years ago. I'm an ordained minister, spiritual counselor, well-being educator, body therapist, bio-energy therapy practitioner, and the Managing Director of Bi-Aura International. 

I hold a Masters in Metaphysical Science, Metaphysical Practioner Certification, Life Coaching Certification, Bi-Aura Therapy diploma, Reiki certification in the Usui Lineage, Massage Certification, and International Certification in Aromatherapy. My training also includes Gendlin/Cornell's Focusing, Upledger CranioSacral Therapy, SRI, East-West Spiritual Philosophy, Tarot, Numerology, Astrology, Women's Rites, Flower Essence Therapy, Shamanic Journey, and Native American Spirituality. 

I offer sessions internationally in the form of video and telephone counseling and consulting. In-person sessions in the Cotswolds are available upon request. 

Group work, classes, public presentation, and ceremonial facilitation are also available. 




Nothing brings greater joy for me than helping people to become their own best friend and ally, and assisting them to discover and fulfill their life's journey with greater ease and purpose. It is my passion to help others discover their path that leads to happiness and well-being. 
Healing, recovery, and awakening is not something that happens in an instant, and we're not going to do it alone. The best help we can get is from those who know the way because they've been down the road and found their way through the darkness, into the light.    


What people say


Jacqueline worked so well with revealing much to me as I transcended back to moments in my past where I seemed to have left parts of me behind. Through her support, I was consciously able to bring the parts forward with an attending clarity, become present with them and move forward into aspects of my current situations to where I now feel empowered and clear. It was a very powerful session and I am still feeling the effects. I am grateful and honored to have worked with Jacqueline. I feel that the work is ongoing and I'm looking forward to diving deeper into future sessions with her."
Jessica Patton


It is so hard to find spiritual teachers/intuitive healers/body workers that are legit. Jacqueline is massively skilled, psychologically and spiritually savvy and effective. The proof is in the after effects of just one session with her...oh and she is affordable. There can be some quackery in this field and this woman is the real deal.
Traci Ruble


Her insight and interpretation brought clarity to me about where I am, where I am going, where I am in relationship to my work and how to get to where I would like to go. Jacqueline charted a path for me. I felt and still feel very energized by the insights and messages I received. I'm excited about the next steps on my journey and am learning to let go and trust the Universe to provide.
Wendy Stokes


I started working with Jacqueline about 6 or 7 years ago and have had several sessions with her. This year I have worked with her almost once a month, as she has been an absolute conduit for helping me move through some major things quite quickly! Her work is fun, informative and spot on! She is amazing at taking my "vague" questions and moving them into specific clarity. Sometimes it is as though she has just read a fairy tale that was exactly what I needed to hear. Even though we talk about life challenges, her sessions are light, fun and inspirational. I walk away with some fantastic "tools" in my toolbox, and a feeling of absolute resolution to the Truth she found. I'm grateful to have Jacqueline in my life!
Nancy Korbet


My time with Jacqueline was amazing and I highly recommend a session with her. It felt like a shamanic journey. I connected with all the little parts of myself I had left behind and was able to bring them all back to the present. It felt like we kept going deeper and deeper as it unfolded. Jacqueline felt very tuned in to me the whole time and when I was unclear or stuck as to what I wanted to ask, she came up with the perfect question to keep things moving forward. She let me come up with my own answers at first, which was the challenge I needed and the reason for the session to begin with. It felt like a guided journey as opposed to any kind of therapy. I was very happy with every aspect of it. I felt the freedom to ask as many questions as I needed to, as new ones kept appearing as we went deeper. Jacqueline is a very good channel. My session is still integrating and unfolding. Very powerful.
Joanne Brohmer


Jacqueline always brings a gentle and fresh perspective filled with practical advice and direction. What a wonderful opportunity to work with her.
Lauren Shelby


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