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Helen Buley

Are you constantly lacking in energy? 

Does your lack of energy leave you feeling stuck, demotivated, stressed, anxious, and unenthusiastic about all the things you love to do, but just don’t make time for?

Are you suffering from uncomfortable digestive symptoms? Are there times when you feel like you’re eating the foods you ‘should’ be eating, and yet you still feel sluggish, lethargic, completely demotivated? Does that impact your social life? 

Believe me, I understand.

It took me over 10 years to transform my health issues - don’t let it be the same for you!

My name is Helen. I am a Living Nutrition Practitioner and Health and Energy Coach.

My focus is on helping you to enhance your energy levels, reduce your anxiety and achieve your optimum state of health - through diet and lifestyle change.

The diet I recommend is plant-based (vegan) - predominantly alkaline, but new lifestyle habits which drastically impact how you feel are equally important. As you’ll see in the “About Me” section, these changes have had a profound impact on my physical and mental health.

I believe the key to regaining your energy and achieving your optimum health is a combination of the following:

1. ROOT CAUSE - Discovering, alleviating and/or removing the culprit to any particular health challenges or symptoms, in order to get better.

2. FUEL - Feeding yourself with the correct food, water and supplements to fully support and enhance your bodily processes, for the benefit of further prevention and long term great health.

3. CHANGE - Choosing the most effective lifestyle practices and instilling better habits which enable you to thrive, and wake up feeling ALIVE and ENERGISED - living your life with purpose. Imagine that…

Because life is for LIVING, right?!

You can take these adjustments one step at a time, at your own pace, and I can help you with that.

So if you’re experiencing low energy levels and not sure why, here is what i can offer you:

The one-timers:

*A one time (online) in depth health consultation to explore the ‘root cause’* (75 minutes). This may include recommendations of; changes in diet, food sensitivty tests, supplemetation, external blood tests.

*Food Sensitivity IgG Blood Test* with follow up document on how to make changes to your diet.

*One to one ‘energy release’ session* for removing emotional bloackages in the body.

The full shebang:

*Bespoke, online health coaching ‘energy transformation’ packages in varying lengths, to get you to a place of optimum health and unlimited energy* 

I am happy to arrange a complimentary 30 minute call to explore what the best course of action is for you, but most importantly see if this is a right fit for you. I work with honesty and transparency so if I believe I am not the right person to help you then I will send you in the right direction. 

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

To your optimum health and happiness, Helen.

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