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Gill Andrew

I came to Energy therapy when my health was at an all time low... I had suffered depression for most of my life along with a debilitating back problem, and had a digestive problem - diagnosed as coeliac disease by medics.  After starting treatment my depression cleared so that I came off all medication, the back problem has gone and the digestive problem is no more!  

These amazing recoveries convinced me to learn more and I trained as a Practitioner in 2013.

I now run my own practise which has enabled me to help others in many ways.   

At the end of 2015 I trained to be a Level 1 Teacher - so now I can introduce others to this amazing therapy. 

I have also completed a 2 year Shamanic Practitioner Certificate Course at Eden School of Transformational Energy Healing + Shamanism in Penrith and am incorporating this into my energy work, offering Shamanic Counselling and other Shamanic practices to help my clients heal and discover their true selves. 

'when your bodies natural energy is flowing freely you feel alive, vibrant and therapy supports this happening for you.. '

Energy Therapy is a gentle, natural, holistic treatment which works on the energy field/aura releasing blocked, negative and stagnant energy from the energy system which enables your body to heal itself.    

My website is  please have a look for more information

I am based between Carlisle and Penrith, Cumbria, UK

please email:  

 or phone/text 07779134654  for more details or for an appointment 

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