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Emma Louise Brewer

First and foremost as a Holistic Therapist, my aim and whole desire is to impart comfort from touch. As a caring professional Aromatherapist I take the time to talk and listen which is often the thing that gives a positive outcome on many ailments, illnesses and stresses body or mind. Coping is a very important part of what I do. Natural Western medicine and Doctors are wonderful and not to be decried, however Complimentary Holistic Medicine goes so much deeper into the coping strategies, I help a person deal with and come to terms with sometimes long-life and prolonged problems so that you feel positive and happier for the future. Of course I also want to boost the immune system, another high priority purpose at The Holistic Approach is to make you feel calm, wonderful and relaxed. I specialise in Hot Stone Therapy treatment and alongside it I will be using Herbs and Aromatics normally from an individual tailored prescription to aid treatment. Especially wonderful for people who have stress, depression and insomnia as well as bodily ailments like fibromyalgia, back pain and muscular pains. I am very proud to be an accredited member the CMA and strive to deliver excellence.
-Emma Louise Brewer B.A (Hons), MCMA


A persons consciousness is a mixture of the mind body and spirit.  I want to help a person and myself have a greater understanding of self. To heal the whole person and help the person to understand the now moment and how to help themselves, certainly to help people see the connection between thier physical experiences, their thoughts and emotions and spirituality.  I practice to enlighten and show that physical ailments are in some cases a case of the mind also, unlike western medicine it is not one thing, one dicipline.  I practice as I love to help and make people explore themselves, learn to relax and love themselves alongside developing an awareness.  The happiness of one letting go of their fears and learning to relax is so much joy and helps me in turn also.  I love what I do.  


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