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The Complementary Medical Association (The CMA)

Digby Warren

Holistic Counselling

aims to facilitate personal growth and well-being through a holistic process that combines energy healing and counselling (talking therapy).

A trained counsellor and healer with over 15 years' experience in spiritual/reiki healing, I seek to support people in exploring their chosen themes and goals for living more fully and confidently in the here and now.  

Depending on your therapeutic focus and progress, this could involve a shorter or longer process of counselling sessions (each session is for one hour).

Sessions offered end-of-day, at healing centres in central London (near Euston station or Leicester Square tube station)

Please email me for further information and/or to request an appointment. 


Client Testimonial

"Thank you! You are really so authentic and congruent. I felt like you really got me. You have helped me so much in becoming more self aware, motivated and confident. I want to continue to grow, and with the strategies I have learnt with you, I know I will continue too. I will always work with the Universe with my growth and purpose." 



As an experienced spiritual healer and counsellor, coming from a background in education, I strive to guide and empower all who I work with towards self actualisation - through enhanced consciousness, confidence and capacity to integrate inner, transpersonal and external resources for achieving purposeful and fulfilling lives.


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