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The Complementary Medical Association (The CMA)

Debbie Medlin

Mother to a son with ADHD, Tourete Disorder & OCD, I have worked within special needs for a number of years and have first-hand experience of the challenges faced by children and young adults with additional needs.  Since the diagnosis of my son I have worked and studied to gain awareness and compassionate understanding of special needs and mental health.  Throughout my sons life I have advocated and fought for him and have applied my own massage techniques on him since babyhood.  Realising massage was able to calm my son, help him focus, improve his sleep and reduce his tic's led me to Giuliana Wheater, award winning complementary therapist, Indian Head Massage specialist, teacher/trainer, public speaker, story massage instructor and author of Indian Head Massage for Special Needs.

Having trained extensively with Giuliana I have a passion to bring real hope to other children. young adults and their families by bringing the benefits of proven techniques to West Berkshire and surrounding areas.


I believe EVERYONE has a 'light to shine' and given the right encouragement, nuturing and belief in themselves they will find it.  I am blessed to have a wonderful son and to work with so many amazing 'differently abled' children and young adults.   Being able to make a difference to lives and watch people find their lights and blossom though the art of specialist massage makes me shine.



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