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Dawn Andrews

Hello, I am a trained Mindfulness Teacher, Coach, CBT Practitioner, and Co-Author of Mindfulness for Challenging Times.

With 20+yrs personal Mindfulness practice behind me, I trained to teach in 2015 with well known Mindfulness Teacher, Shamash Alidina.

I teach individuals and groups to master Mindfulness so they can bring this skill to every day life, and navigate challenges with the maximum self care and compassion.

Industry-standard Public & Corporate Courses, 1 to 1 Private Sessions, Parent & Child Sessions, Retreats and Events.


* Certified Mindfulness Teacher - Shamash Alidina. 

* HND Diploma - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Counselling. 

* HNC Diploma - Coaching

What people say


"The 3 minute breathing space’ a life saver!....Dawn’s approach makes it possible for all to partake....Mindful awareness can easily become a way of life."
V.H. (long term Meditator)


"I would encourage anybody to do this course as I feel everybody would benefit...............I am calmer and more positive with less negative thoughts, and I know I will gain even more benefits through continued practice."


"Last week you opened my eyes to the fact that my own brain fog had kept me ..............not realising the simplicity of simple awareness was what I most needed to hone in on. Thank you."


"I have found it extremely helpful - the meditations are very relaxing and calm my mind beautifully..............a very effective tool for when life becomes stressful."


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