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The Complementary Medical Association (The CMA)

David Morel

Certified as a Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher, Accredited Coach, Positive Psychology / Emotional Intelligence / NLP Practitioner


My mission is to serve people and help them reconnect with who they are and move toward who they want to be. I’ve spent years immersed in the field of personal development and my coaching style combines the wisdom of mindfulness practices with a zest of enthusiasm, compassionate curiosity, and creativity (applying things I have learned from mentors and teachers throughout my journey to become a coach). I will listen and guide you to simplify the challenges you face by creating a safe space where you can be yourself, and together we will set goals to move forward. My purpose is to support you in adopting a mindset focused on gratitude, acceptance, and growth to live a more fulfilling life.


Current Live program: Super Powers Revealed

A 10 week Well-being program

By giving you a few simple tools, we’ll open you up to a limitless way of being, expand your horizons and enable you to embrace your full potential. Taught in a friendly, practical and accessible way, the practice of Mindfulness will help you take your life on exciting new twists and turns you’d never have thought possible. I promise to keep things fun and will strive to delight you with boundless energy and positive spirit. My mission is to empower you! Curious about it?

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