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Correana White

Hello, my name is Correana and I'm an Award-winning Holistic Health Coach in South Wales. I can guide you to get freedom from feeling sick, tired, overweight, inflamed and irritated so you can life in the healthy body you desire. This is done by looking at your lifestyle coices and guiding you to make the ones that will work with your body to support and create health and wellbeing.

She practices in person from The Whitchurch Clinic in Cardiff, Nantgarw Rd Medical Centre in Caerphilly and Healthfirst Consulting in Blackwood; sessions are also available via Skype.

She started her career in the health and fitness industry in 2000 and has never stopped learning. Where her base knowledge was learnt in the mainstream fitness industry she felt something was missing.

My own personal health journey was the reason I trained in Holistic Health Coaching.

"What I didn't realise at the time was that I was making myself ill through 'healthy eating' and too much exercise. I didn't realise that the mainstream ideal of healthy eating was actually contributing to problems with my body hormonally, therefore having a knock on effect with my metabolism, mood and many other things. I also found that over exercising wasn't helping either. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. Something had to give, I had to find something, someone to make me feel like I had energy again. This is when I found my answer in the field of holistic health. So I implemented the appropriate techniques taught to me over the years by respected experts, and now years on from being 'sick and tired', I now feel like I have great energy and balance in my life. I am much more of a Balanced Being."

I now guide people to create their optimal health. Some of the benefits I can help you achieve are:

  • Regulate your bowel movements to take the stress and strain from your day
  • Banish bloated bellies to ease discomfort and fit into your clothes better
  • Reduce inflammation to safeguard your future health
  • Axe abdominal pain and cramping and live life with ease
  • Stop having to plan your journeys with multiple toilet stops
  • End embarrassing wind so you feel happy sharing space with others
  • Increased energy to participate fully in your life, business and family
  • Healthy Body Composition giving you added confidence in you
  • Banish Brain Fog for clarity of thought for your decisions in life
  • More Productive Days – helping you to earn more and get on with things
  • Healthy Skin, Hair and Nails – look and feel confident from the inside out

If you would like to receive a complimentary consultation via phone to discuss your symptoms and what you would like to achieve, please get in touch and we can arrange an appointment.


It is my passion to educate and empower people to achieve their optimal health. I love to see the progression that is made by the positive choices by clients to achieve their health and wellbeing goals.

Here's an excerpt of a testimonal I have received:

"This type of education really is fundamental to health and wellbeing - everyone should take time to learn how everything you put in your and around your body affects it's ability to function, for those with illness the need is even more so and the results are life changing...Correana is the perfect teacher! I cannot recommend enough. Thank you Correana!" 



What people say


Since carrying out a breakthrough session with Correana my life has changed for the better, I now have clarity and focus and a new determination to succeed. I would definitely recommend Correana's services to anyone that is considering making changes to their life, my life has certainly changed for the better and I am now looking forward to a brighter future.


I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease in 2010 aged 31. I was prescribed medication by my GP and was able to manage the condition adequately for a number of years. However, by November 2014 I was more unwell as ever and had spent 24 weeks of that year being prescribed four separate six-week reducing courses of Steroids alongside my usual medication to suppress the condition. The end result was a double dose of my original medication - the side effects were miserable; my skin broke out in rashes, I was drained and miserable.

For me the prospect of having a colostomy bag loomed large; the Crohn's proceeding at pace I had never envisaged. Happily, I got chatting to Correana who suggested she could help. She did!

Following an initial free consultation I was convinced that, with help, I could achieve a better lifestyle over and above what conventional medicine could offer me. I worked with Correana over 2 months and the improvement in my condition cannot be over estimated. Correana examined my diet and highlighted changes that could be made to remove irritants and promote healing, she also advised lifestyle improvements to reduce stress factors that (unbelievably) contribute to poor digestive health and with it general wellbeing.

The treatment provided was professional, comprehensive, discreet, personal and effective. For example, when incapacitated due to injury, Correana found the time to come to me when I couldn't drive to sessions.

The result; I am no longer taking a double dose of medication, the original dose is, once again, sufficient. I have not had Steroids since engaging with Correana and taking on board her advice and implementing the changes suggested.

This type of education really is fundamental to health and wellbeing - everyone should take time to learn how everything you put in your and around your body affects it's ability to function, for those with illness the need is even more so and the results are life changing...Correana is the perfec


I have suffered really dreadful stomach problems for over 40 years and have seen many doctors and had various proceedures over the years including taking medication for around 30 years. Since being diagnosed with high blood pressure and high cholesterol over 5 years ago I put myself on a low-fat diet plus more medication from the GP. Blood pressure and cholesterol came down but I was practically starving myself in the process.

Then followed an in-depth meeting with Correana and she put me on a much more balanced diet which suited me really well. Since then I had a very bad bout of IBS - again another meeting with Correana and a change of plan. She advised a massive hit of probiotics followed by a day to day regime of various things to help my gut.

I can honestly say I have never felt better and feel that at last someone is listening to my problems. Correana listens and explains things with knowledge but most of all with huge enthusiasm and belief in her subject, plus a deep desire to help. I learnt so many things which all fell into place and made complete sense after so many years - a sort of Eureka moment for which can't thank Correana enough!!


Correana, is at the top of her field, she has an abundance of knowledge regarding eating for optimum health.
She approaches health holistically, in addition to diet she works on your mindset, to help achieve excellence in your health.


"My recent plunge into weight training had left me with very tense and painful back muscles. Correana's sports massage was amazing and hugely effective at loosening up my back muscles and relieving the pain I was in. I would highly recommend Correana's sports massage to anyone who does regular sport to aid muscle recovery and increase overall performance. "


I cannot speak highly enough about Correana. Unlike most trainers, not only is she interested in your fitness but also your wellbeing. I have been to quite a few gyms in the past and seen lots of trainers, but Correana was the only one who, when she gave me an induction, she gave me a program to follow at various intervals and to check I was doing the correct workout. Although a slave driver in as much as she won't let you cut corners, she has the patience of a saint and will explain why we do it, and will go over thing again and again without a hint of impatience.

As I am a golf fanatic, I took the opportunity to get assessed by Correana, she then provided me with a program of stretches and exercises; in all fairness it has worked out well for me as this summer was my best for results, and I have had many positive comments on how far I turn in the backswing.

Correana's other strength is her nutrition advice ; again always sensible e.g. I carried weight in my midriff and Correana's answer was to try not to eat bread. So simple, but it worked!

Finally I would like to add that during the last ten years, I have had three heart attacks, a 6-way bypass operation and in August 2013, I went for a cardiac check up - had blood taken and analysis. My results concluded I had excellent heart and liver function, and my body mass was spot on. I put this down to Correana.


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