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Cathy Houghton

Hello my name is Cathy, I live in Devon,  and I am a Health and Food Coach that specialises in Disordered Eating.  

I help women Blossom, its as simple as that.   

I focus on 2 areas. 

1.  Holistic health coaching for any aspect of your wellbeing that may be troubling you - improving general eating, better sleep, sustainable non-diet weight loss,  creating a calm mind, helping you get some movement into your life. My coaching can deal with practical issues such as what to cook and when, or teaching you techniques such as to deal with stress.  Really its all about self-care and encouraging you to put yourself 1st once in a while and be kind to yourself - with no guilt!

For more specific health concerns I am a Culinary Medicine Coach - if you have a condition that requires treatment and want to learn how to use food to help healing or recovery (working alongside your other medical guidance), then I can teach you how.  We can create meal plans from my recipes specifically tailored to what you need and work on integrating eating for the mind and body into your life. 

I am a member of the UK Health Coach Association - and you can read our scope of practice here -


2.  Disordered Eating - I focus on helping women end years of chaotic eating, yo-yo dieting, endless struggles to lose weight with limited success.  If food, weight/size or body image dominate your thinking and are making you miserable, then please get in touch.  I know how this feels and I also know how good it feels to liberate yourself from this constant battling.   If you are wanting to lose weight this can be done through healthful behaviour change in a steady and sustainable way.  I am weight and body neutral, wherever you are on the spectrum I can help in a non-judgemental and confidential way. 

I am an Eating Disorder Practitioner, having qualified with 


I coach through group and individual coaching.  Online, or in person (in Newton Abbot, Devon).   I offer a free 30 minute consultation with no obligation.  Please get in touch for my latest rates and offers, in this uncertain world I try to be as flexible as possible to accommodate clients.

07972 374150

Facebook - @blossomhealthcoaching

LinkedIn - 

What people say


I feel so lucky to have had Cathy’s excellent support and guidance. She clearly has a huge passion for health and wellbeing and is extremely knowledgeable. The way she works means that you, the client, lead the direction that the sessions take. She has a calm and relaxed approach which is completely nonjudgmental and focusses very much on offering a bespoke service according to an individual’s aims and needs.

Over the course of several months and even though I had always had an interest in these areas, I learnt so much more about diet, health and fitness. Cathy was always ready to offer up a large array of resources to help find me find out more about the things that were most relevant to me, she introduced me to many new ways of eating including making me delicious homemade healthy snacks to try, and in between each session she emailed me with a helpful overview of our last session which really helped keep me on track and stay motivated.

With Cathy’s help and encouragement, I have made so many completely transformative changes. I have lost weight, reduced my sugar cravings drastically, increased my energy levels hugely, and I now feel ready to embrace the natural process of mid life ageing, rather than feeling that things were out of my control and going in the wrong direction. I eat better, sleep better and am being told how well I look on an almost daily basis!

I would recommend Blossom to any woman wanting to improve their life and look and feel their absolute best.



Cathy is amazing, she is a professional, confidential, knowledgeable, calming and caring person. Cathy has totally changed me, I knew what I should do but just didn’t do it.

I now eat breakfast, I drink the right amount of water, I can control my disordered eating, my family have planned healthy meals and packed lunches everyday. I am healthy!

When I ate something unhealthy I didn’t feel great with myself Cathy never made me feel bad, she just reassured me that it was ok to not be perfect all the time.

Cathy supported me with books, podcasts, recipes, practicals, emails and other resources to help me establish my new behaviours. I realised I wasn’t stressed, I was just busy.

I have lost weight, but the best bit is I’ve learnt so much about myself, socially and personally, it’s made me so much happier in every part of my life.



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