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Carolyne Hallett

I am here to help you on your journey to better emotional and physical wellbeing, so join me and take the homeopath to health.

What I love about homeopathy and why I am so passionate about it is how it treats every person as individuals.

We all experience illnesses in a unque way, for example I might have 5 patients with headaches but they might all get a completely different remedies as they each experience headaches very differently.

As a practical homeopath I am trained to address all the issues that come with busy and stressful twenty first century lifestyles.

I treat a wide range of complaints and treat people of all ages.

I am also a fully qualified Soul Therapist Spritual Healer and find that people of all ages really benefit from healin. Healing can help with relaxation, connecting with oneself and eases many physical an emotional symptoms.

Sessions combining homeoapthy are available.

 Please call me if you would like to discuss or chat about your situation on 0207 792 8121.


I practise because I am passionate about homeopathy and the results it can achieve and how it benefits people in so many different ways.

I have seen do many people of all ages benefit so much from treatment and the positive changes that remedies have made to them.

It is such a pleasure and privilege to treat people of all ages with such a wide variety of issues and conditions.

I am always looking to improve and learn and am now on my advanced year of Soul Therapy training.


What people say


MC- City worker and mother.
"I developed a very painful skin condition which manifested in swelling and aching. The GP did various blood tests but could find nothing wrong, I was finally put on steroids and advised to take an anti-histmaine daily. They worked whilst I was taking them but they all came back with a vengeance as soon as I stopped! In absolute desperation I turned to homeopathy and haven't looked back sionce. In just over a month my skin problems were gone and I was feeling healthier all round. I have since used various homeoapthic remedies prescribed by Carolyne and on her advice have cut out and reduced various toxins. I recently had my first aby and again the remedies helped me throughout my pregnancy and recovery. I am healthier and happier than ever before and am delighted I am no longer poisoning my body. I would recommend seeing a homeopath to everyone"

MF - male manager
"After a particularly stressful period I began having various symptoms such as dead arm, dizzy spells and anxiety. Even the smallest problem seem magnified and my confidence was at an all time low. After a while I collpased and ended having an MRI scan. The doctor wanted to put me on anti-depressants which I was opposed to. A friend referred me to Carolyne and the changes have been amazing. Carolyne is very attentive, approachable and extremely supportive but also proactive in the remedies she prescribes. Each session is very holistic and the remedies I received suited different symptoms. I feel much more positive and have even got a new job and my ability to deal with life's tribulations has imprved ten-fold"


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