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Anne Rosser

Hello my name is Anne Rosser and I am a qualified Homoeopath, Reflexologist and Reiki Master/Teacher.

My interest in Complementary therapies started after suffering with M.E. for several years. I found that Homoeopathy, Reflexology and Reiki made a big difference to me.

Reflexology and Reiki are the therapies I practice for the majority of the time as I find these are so helpful to most of the patients I see.

With my knowledge of Homoeopathy, I often find during a consultation it becomes clear that a Homoeopathic remedy or Tissue Salt would speed healing and support the Reflexology or Reiki, thus giving my patients the best possible result.

We live in such stressful times, trying to juggle work and family life, so many people find they do not have time for themselves. Give me a call or come and see me to discuss how these therapies could help you.

Please visit my website at or email me on

I run my practice from the little health clinic in Hyde Road, Paignton, Devon. My telephone number is 07989 940 162. If you require any more information or to make an appointment please give me a call.



I love my work and there is nothing more satisfying than to be able to help improve someones health and see the difference that therapies can make.

I suffered with M.E. for years and know how frustrating illness can be.  I believe this has helped in my Practice and made me a more understanding therapist.


What people say


I suffer with Parkinsons disease and have found Reflexology very helpful with my circulation.
RP Torquay


I am so happy to have found Anne. She has helped me immensely with Reflexology sessions and Reiki. My immune system has strengthened, my pain has decreased and my total well being is more positive. I urge anyone to try a session of Reflexology as I find it a wonderful experience and I return every week. Try it once and you'll be hooked. Thank you Anne
KC Torquay


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