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The Complementary Medical Association’s President Jayney Goddard’s

Guide to finding the course that suits you:

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jayney goddard 100.jpgHere at The Complementary Medical Association we pride ourselves on only offering the very best information - and this extends to all of the courses that we have registered with us.  We often receive correspondence from prospective students asking us about some of the different courses we register. 

Contact the Colleges

Our best advice to you if you are considering enrolling upon a complementary medical training course is to contact the colleges that you are interested in and to ask for a prospectus.  When you receive these, go through them carefully to make sure that the course that you choose is offering all that you require.  If you have any doubts as to the suitability of any of the courses it is always possible (and indeed highly recommended by The CMA) that you speak to the college principal. 

Choose Carefully

It is important to also make sure that you are certain that you will get on with the people that you intend to study with on a personal level too, and you could always check this by paying them a visit.  Remember, some courses are very long and you need to be convinced that there will be no hitches before you part with your money and also of course, your valuable time!
Correspondence Courses

Regarding correspondence courses, The CMA policy is that we wholeheartedly support the concept of distance learning and we do include some colleges that offer these courses.  The CMA recommends, however that if you are intending to become a practitioner of a discipline that involves "hands on" work with clients, i.e. massage, sports injury therapy, reflexology etc. that while correspondence courses are excellent for learning the theory of a complementary medical discipline, if you are to become a CMA registered, professional practitioner you will, of course, require "hands on" experience while training. 


While there is no legislation in place in the UK at the moment covering complementary medicine - apart from herbal medicine, osteopathy and chiropractic, it is fairly certain that in the not too distant future more concrete standards will be set for all branches of complementary medicine and indeed, The CMA welcomes this wholeheartedly and is actively participating in this process.  It is therefore important to ensure your future by enrolling on a course (or courses) that include all you will need in order to work at the very highest professional levels. 
Important Information

It goes without saying that CMA registration is highly sought after and carries with it certain privileges. 

Only the courses listed here on The CMA site are registered with us. 

It has been brought to our attention that there are certain colleges who claim to be CMA registered, and have even gone so far as to fraudulently use our logo.  Occasionally, the "qualification" that they offer even includes the letters "CMA".  Please beware of this since we are in no way connected with these organisations. The situation is quite simple, if they don't appear on our site then they are not registered! If you find a course that you believe is fraudulently using The CMA Registered logo - which is a registered trademark - please let us know.


All claims and statements about the efficacy of a particular therapy taught by a college, or the effectiveness of that training course are the sole responsibility of the training school/college concerned and are not endorsed or approved by The Complementary Medical Association.  If you would like clarification of a claim of efficacy please contact the training school/college directly.


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