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27a Back Market
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We have been YOGA TEACHER TRAINING SINCE 2006 and specialise in training people in the UK and worldwide, to teach yoga, mindfulness and nutrition, to young people (all ages) and we train students via onsite and/or via online courses (online Training Centre -

TRAINING ~ A large area of work in which Yogakidz Worldwide specialises in, is in providing Yoga Teacher Training courses for those wanting to teach yoga to the young. We provide Yoga Teacher Training for all of the child age groups (0-19yrs). WE RUN TRAININGGS AT VARIOUS UK LOCATIONS, please see the main website for these listings. 

Yogakidz Worldwide runs yoga training programmes worldwide for everyone, students of yoga, teachers and childcare practitioners everywhere.

Teacher Training can be onsite, or online. You can now learn the relevant yoga skills to teach yoga to the young people:


Please visit the website for all course information.

What people say


'Another wonderful course that has deepened my existing knowledge, allowing me to deliver safe and effective yoga classes for very new mums. Learning the timeline of postpartum recovery has been invaluable, it has built my confidence in teaching mums from an earlier post natal time period, as well as mums that have had a caesarian. The healing aspects of the course through meditations and mudras are so beautiful and it has been lovely to start weaving them into my existing classes. Once again, thank you so much for training me and providing me with the skills and knowledge needed to become the kind of yoga teacher that I am hoping to be'.
Student - Post Natal Training - Onsite


"The course (as with the other two courses) has been wonderfully informative and covered deeper depths in to the topics than I had expected. What a wonderful surprise to receive. I absolutely loved the spiritual side of this course, as this aspect is what separates this course from the others. This training is not only for a mother, but also her growing foetus. I find myself sharing a lot of the information with so many of the expectant mom’s that I meet. I have absolutely loved it and look forward to sharing it with many, many expectant Mom’s along my journey. Thank you, Sarah"
Student - Pre & Post Natal Yoga Training - Online


"The training course was definitely an eye opener towards teaching children yoga. I really enjoyed the course and learnt heaps of great techniques to use with children. The course content was extremely useful and I have already been using some of the techniques that were taught on the course. It was also extremely useful watching others demonstrate their class plans as everyone has their own individual style in teaching."
Student - Onsite Children's Yoga Training


It was an extremely insightful and fascinating course which has encouraged me to delve further in to the subject. The course was well delivered in a relaxed and informal manner. Sarah has an incredible amount of knowledge and experience and I feel very confident that she will continue to support me in the future. Thank you. '
Student - Onsite Children's Yoga Training


'I have learnt about the roots of yoga and how to combined it into the practice keeping the traditional aspects alive, the course content and the support from my teacher helped me to feel confident when adding my own style I can now looking forward to be able to pass my knowledge to other people.
Distance learning is a flexible way to learn and allows you to do it gradually so you can explore different sources of information some provided in the course or available on the web to enrich your overall knowledge
The course contend also provides you with business ideas from the very start i.e. (baby massage) but it also gives you freedom to use your own creativity with the necessary support to structure it into your business'
Student - Online Parent & Baby Yoga Training


'I found the training weekend extremely empowering and inspiring. There were so many ways of bringing yoga to children that I would never have imagined. I found the idea of using stories and themes to add variety and imagination to the sessions absolutely magical, and have become so excited by the possibilities that this opens up with the children. I also loved the more imaginative relaxations, using stories and visualisation to help the children deeply relax at the end of the yoga session. I found the science behind the movement fascinating and enjoyed learning about the more spiritual aspects of yoga’s history and teachings. It was also wonderful to meet so many inspiring and vibrant women and to feed off one another’s ideas, excitement and experiences. This has been a fantastic resource and support. Sarah was a clear, calm and fluid teacher, willing to spend time on areas of particular interest to our group, and to ‘go with the flow’ and the energy of each session, rather than being tied to a scripted lesson plan. I feel like that was a great lesson to learn for when we are teaching our own classes!'
Student - Onsite Children's Yoga Training


'I found the training weekend inspiring, uplifting and motivating. The support and sharing of ideas was invaluable. I feel like I have a clear idea on how to structure and deliver a Toddler yoga class and I'm excited to get started. I
really can't thank you enough for this life changing training and for giving me the tools to go away and (hopefully) inspire Toddlers and Children's imagination, build their confidence and self-esteem and to pass on the skills and knowledge I learnt, to enable these amazing little people to grow into happy and contented adults.'
Student - Children's and Toddler Yoga Training


"I really enjoyed the training weekend where vast opportunities to enhance my learning were provided. Course content was very well presented & thorough, the detailed notes were extremely useful (handbook & additional materials etc). We also had ample opportunities to learn from our peers & plan mock lessons for groups of teenagers, as well as discuss many of the problems they may encounter during their physical/emotional development."
Student - Onsite Teens Yoga Training


• The course was thorough and thought provoking, encompassing more that I had anticipated it would.
• The course manual is a great resource to have and to be able to refer to for study and planning of sessions.
• A good anatomy and physiology refresher for me which has been beneficial, with an added awareness of the teenage body and how it may differ from an adult body.
• A really good and thorough holistic approach, encompassing mind body and spirit and an emphasis that teens are really important people."
Student - Onsite Teens Yoga Training


"The weekend was amazing and extremely inspirational. I left with an abundance of new ideas and enthusiasm! As a teacher I appreciated the way everything in the course was realistic and would fit into the school day. Sarah offered lots of adaptations for different group sizes, settings and time and space restraints. It was amazing"
Student - Onsite Children's Yoga Training


'I thoroughly enjoyed the Yogakidz Children’s Course weekend, as I have my previous courses with Yogakidz. I think Sarah is a very knowledgeable and fantastic teacher. My only comments are good ones. I learnt a lot about teaching yoga to children, I have learnt a lot of new ideas of ways of teaching yoga to different age groups of children and I have learnt yet more about Yoga itself.
I have also really enjoyed working on the assignments as this has made me aware of my knowledge of children and yoga as well as having learnt so many more things.
Sarah, you are very professional in the way you run your company and you are an inspiration to me personally. Keep going and keep passing on the wonders of Yoga.
Thank you also for your kindness, understanding and patience'
Student - Onsite Children's Yoga Training


This is now my second course through Yogakidz Worldwide and I was not disappointed. The course was friendly, fun and very informative. I feel confident and very excited about becoming a parent and baby yoga teacher in the near future. Sarah you created a welcoming environment and this helped us to open up and gain the most from the weekend. Having a mixed group of mums and women, without children resulted in amazing conversations and ideas being shared. The balance between practical and written work is perfect. It allowed me to perform my skills and also go away and develop my knowledge further and in my own style. Thank you for a wonderful course! I can’t wait to book on my next one'
Student - Onsite Parent & Baby Yoga Training


'Hi Sarah - thank you for the manual and Yogakidz package - that is brilliant and a great start to my teaching to kids career - helps me feel prepared, and a lot more than other courses have given me so thank you - much appreciated'
Student - Online Training


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