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Trusted Touch

Trusted Touch is the Training, Certification and Membership Body for Trusted Touch® Practitioners. 

Trusted Touch® provides compassionate, consensual, therapeutic touch to those who are lonely, touch-deprived, disabled, elderly, medically fragile or at the end of life. Whether you are an experienced therapist, a student, an interested health professional, a prospective client or are completely new to Trusted Touch®, we will warmly welcome you.

Our course teaches you how to use platonic touch as therapy with adults, informed by consent and boundaries. By acknowledging and observing these in a consistent and positive way we create a safe space for our client in which touch, tenderness and vulnerability can be safely manifested. 

Our mission is to promote Trusted Touch® as a valuable holistic therapy modality, to clarify what it is  - and, as importantly, what it isn't - and to educate by demonstrating that touch is vital to our health and well-being in an increasingly disconnected and medically-ailing society.  

We set the gold standard for Trusted Touch® therapy in the UK, and we are passionate about supporting you on every step of your journey as a Trusted Touch® practitioner. Our mantra is "Hugs, not Drugs".

We are very pleased to be a CMA registerted and approved training provider - book your course with confidence.

What people say


I received my certification in Trusted Touch on June 25th, 2020. The training was excellent! High quality learning! I recommend this training to anyone who is looking to make a difference in people’s lives, through touch, trusted touch!
Kolya Lynne Smith


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