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Skillful Mind

"Lead A Successful Meditation Group"

Learn How You Can Easily Share Your Passion With The World!

SkillfulMIND will help you start & expand a meditation group on your own terms from the ground up!


  •  20 Years experience running classes
  •  Proven methods and class materials
  •  Done-for-you lesson plans
  •  Global support for meditation leaders
  •  Accredited Certification


If you want to bring together a group of like-minded people and meditate as a family then you have come to the right place. 

Our Leadership Program makes it easy to learn everything you need to know from how to meditate, to finding a venue.

The thing is, you're not alone - We are here to help you run the group by providing weekly lesson plans, guided meditations, and everything we can think of to make it easy, convenient and most of all an enjoyable journey to inner peace.

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What people say


Meditation has always been a high priority in my life and Peters teachings have helped me manifest a fantastic life for both myself and my daughter in so may ways. Thanks Skillful Mind and I recommend to anyone to check out what Peter has to offer.

Nellie Barrnet


I attended Peters learn to meditate weekend and found that Peter is an excellent teacher and I think everyone got something significant from the teachings. I'd highly recommend to anyone who is looking to find a better way through this crazy life. In fact I'd highly recommend to anyone!
Wayne Shore


“It has everything I need and more and definitely invaluable to anyone thinking about running a meditation group. I just love how I can share my passion with Peters vision of a meditation class in every suburb around the world."
Deb Layland - Edinburgh, Scotland


“I feel that this had made me a committed, stronger meditator. I have much joy assisting my participants learning Peter’s techniques, and also committing to the weekly practice (some daily), learning the skills to control the mind bringing peace and happiness to their lives.” ~
Verity - Warradale,Australia


These resources are an amazing and comprehensive guide to all aspects of meditation. They provide meditations on a range of themes and life areas. These resources are easy to understand but also provide a broad depth of knowledge. I have been using Peters meditations for over 2 years now and recommend anyone to give them a try.
Emma Gillett


“Thanks for putting this great course together! I have attended lots of courses over the years but none have gone into such depth about all of the different elements of meditation and historical factors which I found really interesting, so thanks again.”
Rowenna Clifford - London, UK


“As a yoga teacher in Perth, I thought that a meditation group class would be a perfect way for my yoga students to learn and practice some different meditation techniques. And Peters video course offers so much information, tools and support that it is making this initiative so easy that I wish I had done it years ago. Thanks, Peter and I definitely recommend it to any other yoga teachers out there.”
Bettina Gould - Perth,Australia


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