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United Kingdom

School of Modern Naturopathy

eLearning and Home Study Courses from Beginner to Professional Diploma Level

Our principal and founder Linda Lazarides has spent 30 years developing protocols to obtain the best and most rapid results against common ailments and diseases. We combine both ancient and modern principles of nutritional therapy and naturopathic nutrition, using modern research to hone individual treatment programmes, and focusing on an in-depth understanding of how the body works.

Our one-year diploma course is an intensive course, focusing only on what a student really needs to know. We believe that a 2-3 year course of study is not necessary to learn how to be an effective naturopath. Please see our website for more information.

If you prefer open-ended study, our short online Foundation course would be the best one for you. We will be adding further short courses which will serve as credits towards a professional diploma.


I honestly believe I could not have chosen a better, more thorough course... (T.L., UK)

There is plenty of support and feedback from Linda Lazarides herself. I enjoyed every module and found them challenging enough yet not overwhelming... (N.R., UK)

In this course I found a lot of knowledge I was missing as a physician... (F.M., Croatia)

The guidance and wisdom that Linda offers is wonderful... (A.H., South Africa)

I looked forward to the monthly module books which were so compelling that I’d rip the package open and start reading at the mailbox... (R.C., USA)

Not only have I learnt how to assist my current clients further, I have also gained a much deeper understanding of how the body works (C.J., Australia)


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