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PureBioenergy® is a straightforward non-medical skill that empowers the innate ability (found in everyone) to help others successfully resolve illness (simple to serious, boost peak performance and instill wellness using pure bioenergy (life itself). 

It is uniquely simple and highly effective, safe, non-invasive, free of pharmaceuticals, client-friendly for adults, children and animals.

What is PureBioenergy training?

Deemed the Powerhouse of healing by health professionals and families alike PureBioenergy is not just another “energy course” and it will revolutionize the way you think about healing and health.

Using 10 simple techniques, within a structure of step by step precise protocols designed to help specific issues, from asthma or sciatica to deemed “incurable” conditions like autism or MS a PureBioenergy therapist accesses bioenergy to optimize the immune system, improve blood circulation, calms stress, relieves chronic and acute pain and allows the transformation necessary for the body to self-heal on all levels.

PureBioenergy training is for you if...

You want to learn a healing modality that can safely generate immediate, lasting and consistent results that you can instantly use to help friends, family, and clients upon your return home.

You want a step by step structure to follow that is simple to learn and to practice. (but seriously effective)

You want to help yourself by helping others.

ALL in ONE - Learn ONE Method that does it ALL

Working with the Biofield, PureBioenergy takes the healing effects of acupuncture, massage, reiki, craniosacral, hypnosis, homeopathy, reflexology, chiropractic, psychology, physical therapy, herbal, Chinese and allopathic medicine and rolls it to ONE powerful therapy.

As an efficient “all in one” healing modality, PureBioenergy often simply helps when nothing else does.

PureBioenergy is powerful in its simplicity as it eliminates the extraneous to directly address the process of healing.

With PureBioenergy there are no pills, no needles, no manipulation of bones, no symbols, no special breathing, no attuning or reconnecting, no religious, or political dogmas, no cultural conditioning, no visualizations, no side effects, no DOUBTS…just pure and simple healing.


The method is unique in its approach and easy to learn but what happens on the biological, emotional and quantum level is very complex.


Our thoughts, beliefs and our worldview determine our reality. Addressing the head and heart is a part of every PureBioenergy session – transforming thoughts and emotions to heal the body.


The physical body is also an electromagnetic field that is affected by more or less energy potential.

For example if there is a lack of energy, we have to add the energy, so certain biochemical processes can be initiated and the pain can be eliminated. How? The production of the “joint fluid” will increase in tendon tissue, which will “lubricate” the joint, there will be less friction and the irritation will recede.

If there is too much energy potential we know how to remove the excess that is causing pain and inflammation.


Any alteration to the biofield can influence the cellular, molecular, atomic and subatomic aspects of our health.


You will learn 10 simple techniques, within an easy to learn structure of step by step precise protocols designed for specific conditions.

In Level One you will learn how to

Access the healing potential of bioenergy to optimize the biofield (energetic immune system) 

• Enhance overall blood circulation - (where the chi goes so does the blood)

• Quickly relieve pain by recognizing whether it is caused by too little or too much energy potential

•Demonstrate the connection of the biofield and the physical body using Psychokinesis (moving another person without touching them).  Psychokinesis helps reach the subconscious and show the effects of mind over matter while making the client aware of (by seeing and feeling) the power of the therapist as an energy conduit.

• Understand the importance of hand tension and power of eye focus.

• Keep the energy flowing at its fullest and in the correct direction by eliminating conditioning, removing doubt.

• How to "Step Away” when working (the energy is intelligent and knows what to do) and why it is essential for both client and practitioner.

• How to access and stimulate all the nerves endings in the body through the feet without touching them.

These and other techniques are used to help all health conditions, instill wellness or boost peak performance.

the PROTOCOLS - The structure - no guesswork

A set of techniques is used within a very simple but precise step by step structure.

There is a specific beginning, middle, and end for each protocol which lets the therapy easily become second nature to the therapist. No guesswork of when is enough or what to do next thus freeing the therapist from doubt and questioning. Doubt limits all healing.

A PureBioenergy therapist is given all the tools to build and maintain confidence in their work.

As a therapist, you will trust that when you follow a specific protocol you will be the most effective and thus delivering the best results for your client.

You will not question/doubt the outcome.

No Searching for the Problem. No scanning or visualizing

Whether it is diabetes, autism, back pain from too much golf, an out of balance chakra or a past life entity it is all the same for the Purebioenergy therapists.

We do not analyze the WHY or HOW of the problem. We do the specific protocol and then step away without being anxious about or attached to the result. The directed energy knows what to do.


No Special Protection Needed

As a PureBioenergy therapist, you will not visualize or scan for illness or blockages. This lowers your (the practitioner’s) energetic potential below that of the client thus the energy flows from them to you instead of the other way around. This is the main reason reiki practitioners and other energy healers can feel tired after giving a treatment or sometimes even get sick.

With PureBioenergy you will not use your own energy or take on any from your clients.

PureBioenergy practitioners are more energetic and feel better themselves after working even blissful.

Purebioenergy has built in practitioner protection and healing within its practice.

When you practice PureBioenergy you will help yourself by healing others.

Since you are constantly learning from working with bioenergy you will become ever more powerful with practice and with the joy of learning.


State of mind of the therapist.

The importance of hand tension and power of eye focus when working with the Biofield.

How to keep the energy flowing at its fullest and in the correct direction.

Learn what and where are the best conditions in which to practice the method- the memory of time and place and habit etc.

Hands on practice with individual guidance.


What's INCLUDED in Level One

20 hours of lectures by Zoran Hochstatter and hands on workshops where students practice all the techniques and basic protocols with the help of one on one attention.

Small classes so students can receive individual instruction from Zoran himself.

Manual with protocols for specific health conditions along with handouts about the state of Mind of the therapist and more.

After Seminar support - 24/7

All students are invited to participate in our private After Seminar support online forum where you can post your questions and access a vast library of answers/ blogs that have been developing since 2008. Also, you can participate in ongoing discussions about your PureBioenergy practice, results, find other therapists and more.

Are you a Massage therapist?

You can earn 17 CE’s by completing the PureBioenergy Level One Training.

PureBioenergy (Zoran Hochstatter) is an Approved CE Provider from NCBTMB.

What people say


"Zoran is the most fantastic teacher one can dream of, his commitment to the modality, to helping others heal and learn is pure and genuine. He is attentive to each and everyone and make sure that you are doing the techniques exactly as taught. The certified practitioners that assisted during the training were equally as committed and caring, with the same level of integrity as Zoran. The training was extremely well organized and paced, I was very impressed all together. There was a tremendous amount of joy and gratitude shared between the participants as well, which made this whole experience even more special and beautiful. Thank you all again and again, it was awesome to be part of this group…”

"Excellent...Zoran Rules: No one can teach like him and make it look simple, yet I know there is a lot of complexity."

"Profound. I feel blessed to have been a part of it."

"Zoran is one of the finest teachers I've ever had the honor to be a student of...the people I met at this retreat were amazing, I love them all. My Level 1 experience seminar was unforgettable…"

“I love Zoran’s energy and way of being. A lot of non verbal information communicated in a great way - humor and intensity and softness.”

“The information was presented in a way that made it easy to comprehend and integrate. I felt great support from the teacher and therapists, who provided a competent hands on interactive experience.”

“This was well beyond any expectations. Kudos to the team for planning such a beautiful, friendly event. Coming to a place to heal and learn is a pretty common thing. Getting instructors and therapists who are committed, passionate and compassionate is just priceless.”

"It felt like a total privilege to learn to connect with something as fundamental as the source of life itself and being able to share it with anyone open to experience it as well."

"Amazing. Overwhelming but just life changing. I will never be the same."

A collection about Zoran as a teacher and the training in General


From our last training in San Diego (Level Two healing event)? - 2020
"My husband and I estimate that the benign tumor in my uterus has shrunk by at least 33%, since getting treated in San Diego.
I am amazed at the way it feels inside my body. Since the treatment I am able to bend over and touch my toes, I can sit all the way back in a seat, I can lean over and I don't feel the tumor at all anymore. It is like the physical body just needs some time to catch up to the healing, but energetically I am already fully healed.
We are eternally grateful.

Tumor visually reduces size by 33% after one PureBioenergy treatment


“When I am working with PureBioenergy it feels like time stands still. Everything seems to slow down and I always get a wonderful, profound feeling of stillness. It feels like there is a very powerful healing presence surrounding the client and I. Best of all, the pain levels drop dramatically after 1 session in 90% of the time. A truly amazing therapy.”
What it feels like to work with PureBioenergy


We have so many testimonials from our students and clients that we have complied some of them in a 148 page book called "Every Healing has a Story"

Here is the link to read the book online for free

Read 148 page book of healing stories from PureBioenergy students and clients


“For the first time I left a seminar with the knowledge and confidence to immediately apply what we learned,and get results. This method removes my girlfriend’s migraines in 5-10 minutes!”

“I particularly appreciated your humor and the obvious integrity you demonstrated in teaching the method.”

“I have never been so energized after a seminar! Every moment was engaging and revitalizing. Thank you for the life changing seminar.”

“I understand why you ( Zoran) have devoted your life to Bioenergy Therapy; it has certainly changed my life. I am forever in a state of gratitude for the gift, honor and opportunity to have learned this amazing technique. You are a great instructor and your seemingly…tireless dedication to all of us is so greatly appreciated.”

“Overall impression of both levels is extremely positive. I feel that it will change my life for the better! The group was great, the therapy exercises were extremely powerful and the information provided by Zoran and the team was an eye opener.
The lectures were fun and easy to "digest".
Overall - One of the best weeks I can remember !!”

“I felt very lucky to be among so many absolutely wonderful and down to earth kind of people and to be surrounded by so much love and positive energy.
I have struggled with back pain for more than 10 years, (I think) After 1/2 hr walking it would start and I could push myself to a full hour before I just HAD to sit down. After 2 treatments I actually walked for more than 3 hours without feeling any pain at all, which was an unreal feeling. On the plane back from Auckland to Adelaide, I was convinced the seats were a lot softer than those on the flight up and had to be convinced by the stewardess that they were exactly the same. Now I still feel fantastic and have already several clients lined up. I am super exited and can't wait to continue this awesome journey. Thanks sooooo much to all those involved in the teaching and my wonderful fellow students.”
Another collection of testimonials about PureBioenergy training.


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