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Philip Martin

I started my Reflexology journey in 2008 at the City of Glasgow College. From here I went on to complete my BA Honours degree in Complementary Healthcare specialising in Reflexology, I graduated in 2013 from Edinburgh Napier University, moving through the years I also became a Reiki ART Master, Theta Healer® and a Crystal Therapist. 

Crystal Sole Healing (Crystal Reflexology) For quite some time I felt the crystals wanting to connect to the feet and so I started looking for Crystal Reflexology courses, I found a few but none of them resonated with me as they were more about placing the crystals around the feet and body. My crystals were wanting to work on the feet. I then met with my good friend Jacqueline Munro and we got on to the subject and she said to me: write the course yourself as you are more than capable. So, I then started to connect with source (God) and meditate on the subject and almost immediately I was getting the answers, I created the treatment and started to use it with clients (with their permission), and I was blown away with how effective it was. The treatment itself could last up to one and a half hours, as I was allowing the crystals to lead the way. This then led me to write the course and I love sharing the teachings. 

Crystal Sole Healing is a Crystal Healing at its heart but takes its foundations from Reflexology as the whole body is energetically reflected on the feet. It is therefore based on the idea that the body and the workings of the body, emotions and spirit are reflected in the feet; and that all the body, emotions and spirit vibrate and that the natural vibrations of crystals can resonate within the body to aid healing.


I am based in Saltcoats, North Ayrshire. I also work and teach around the UK. 

What people say


Absolutely loved the crystal sole healing course today, philip was brilliant and answered any questions we had , met some lovely people, cant wait to do another of his courses ??xx
Angela Phillips-Veart


Just got in from Philip’s Crystal Reflexology course in Clydebank. Delighted to have learned and experienced how to do this unique technique and really looking forward to trying it out in case studies!
Caireen Todd


Thanks Phil for a great day on Sunday, i am so happy that you have brought crystals and reflexology together , what a perfect combination.
Thanks also to all the therapists who helped to make it a lovely relaxing day.
Shirley Wishart


I done my crystal reflexology course with Philip - what a wonderful course and experience... My love for both the crystals and reflexology was again brought to light with this wonderful treatment of crystal reflexology - a highly recommend course and a very professional and caring tutor- thank you and blessings - kindest Nuala
Nuala O'Brien


I recently undertook Philip's Crystal Sole healing/reflexology training. The course was wonderfully written and lead by Philip during the practical training days. Philip explains things in such a way that it's easy to understand and follow. He is very knowledgeable and was able to answer any questions which arose during our training. His communication after the course regarding our case studies and certification was excellent, and he was willing to provide further ongoing support should we need it. Would highly recommend Philip and I look forward to working with him again in the future.
AL Gaillimh


I thoroughly enjoyed the Crystal Reflexology training at Dorothy Kelly's excellent training facility in Belfast yesterday. So looking forward to offering this wonderful treatment to my clients. I have practiced both Reflexology and Crystal therapy as separate treatments for years, to now be able to combine the healing powers of both will definitely add a deeper layer of healing to my "toolbox". A great day of learning with an equally great group of fellow like minded people. Just like the crystals Philip himself has a wonderful presence, if you are thinking completing this training then I highly recommend it, if you are thinking of receiving Crystal Reflexology as a treatment then go for it, you will love it <3
Karen Davis


Amazed at the feedback I am having ??- there have been tears ( in a good way!) utter amazement, reports of feeling lighter, more at ease, relaxed and floaty and even glowing skin!! And there’s more to come ...
There has been a lot of energy shifting going on in my little healing hut
However .... ?? ... I did have one report of feeling unwell and the client had to ground herself once she got home ?? but still found it amazing and felt fine later .... how do I remedy that from happening again ?
Thank you Philip Martin for creating such a wonderful thing ??
Tracey Alston


Thank you Phil for a lovely day yesterday on the course, you are a beautiful soul and Crystal reflexology is a truly amazing therapy. Can't wait to get started on my case studies. ??
Yvonne Starrs


I did the Crystal Sole Reflexology training Day with Philip & absolutely loved it!
This is such a wonderful Therapy, so relaxing & so much energy felt from the Crystals.
Loved it, really recommend
Danielle Hayes


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