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Mind Body Education Pty Ltd.

Mind Body Education Pty Ltd is an independent global education provider, registered in Australia. Our brands include International Meditation Teachers and Therapist Association

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We have been providing holistic therapies training courses and fully supported career pathways since 2008. We now offer solutions for becoming licensed to deliver our courses and starting your own holistic training organisation as well. 

Courses available:

- Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapy (HICAT) Practitioner Training Course

- Meditation Teacher Training Course (Holistic Counselling Skills)

- Advanced Meditation Teaching and Holistic Human Development Practitioner Training Course 

- Practitioner of Meditation Therapies Training Course

- Master Practitioner of Holistic Empowerment Coaching Training Course

- Master Pracititioner of Holistic Counselling Training Course

What people say


This course is a life tool, that one can share, touch and change lives. before the course, I was unsure due to the art aspect...I didn't need to be an artist or creative to take it. It has been all I hoped for and more. It helped me grow on a personal and professional level. Isabelle is a great teacher and very experienced. Highly recommended.-


I have learned so much about meditation, chair yoga, holistic counselling and running a successful small business from both an intellectual and practical perspective, and have acquired a large number of complementary and valuable skills, techniques and tools that I will be able to use for the benefit of myself and others for the rest of my life.


This has been a wonderful course which I use often to enhance counselling clients preferring to treat people holistically. I have learned more than I expected and it far exceeded my expectations. I recently opened my own counselling business and am excited about adding holistic ideals and Meditation to my practice. I have completed the Advanced Diploma and look forward to signing up to complete the Masters.


I have studied Counselling through a government accredited provider and as much as I thoroughly enjoyed the content, I felt that it lacked what your course offered. Tools, homework, business set-up ideas, marketing, research, fee structure, connection and ongoing support. I must commend you on not only providing practical information that is going to help one embark as a successful Teacher, but you also gave the other tools to help people embark on this journey feeling confident that they not only have the skills to work in this area, but they have the ethics and understanding of good customer service and professionalism as well.


When I first saw the advert for HICAT, my heart skipped...
I already had a BA in Psychology (over 25 years ago) and a Postgrad in Human Services, however, I needed further accreditation to move forward as a wellbeing practitioner. Five days earlier, I had signed up to a different online Counselling Diploma. Except, their subject list seemed dull. For almost $5000 and 2 years of study, I was about to repeat most of what I already covered in uni and the workplace. I felt heavy with obligation and dread.

I had trialled the healing power of creativity while delivering restorative programs to survivors of trauma; so I was thrilled to see the HICAT ad overflowing with many of my favourite expressions! I kept staring at the course outline...and whenever I thought about it, could feel a smile across my face.

Finally, I cancelled the other course, and registered for HICAT. What a relief! Here, I can become accredited and gain insurance - whilst playing creatively. We examine some of the latest research in mind-body connection and alternative pathways to feeling fully alive. Our class of beautiful like-hearted people collaborate together with practical activities and expansive conversations. From week one, I was able to apply the information and exercises to my work with high school students.

The bottom line is, I'm enjoying this experiential education and qualification, in a shorter period of time and for less financial outlay.

A personal bonus is being inspired by the many entrepreneurial opportunities available within my passion: helping people live happy and healthy lives.


Isabelle Cunningham is a fountain of knowledge and wisdom. She genuinely cares for her students and her encouraging style of teaching is much appreciated by us all. She is a true educator and her passion for what she teaches is apparent.


I enrolled in this course because it was in a group. I had previously completed an art therapy diploma online and am an experienced art and drama teacher. I have found the course to be expansive, vital and relevant. It has enabled me to visualise incorporating much more than art in my future workshops, adding in movement and drama along with sound.


There is NO other course that you can do that has the ability to CHANGE YOUR CAREER, INSTANTLY!!! There is simply NOTHING else you could possibly need to start your own holistic wellbeing practice...with all that is given at the completion of the Certificate in Meditation and Holistic Counselling!


HICAT video feedback by one of our wonderful graduates-Jasmin...


Many blessings for the opportunity to attend your course, I received my motivation back and my "mojo" to believe in myself again, Blessings to you all.


The training course I completed with Isabelle Cunningham I would like to share my experience. Isabelle's teachings and guidance comes from a place of such wisdom and knowledge. I felt so comfortable, empowered and inspired in her classroom. The way Isabelle teaches, you just take all the knowledge and absorb it, as Isabelle explains and duscusses the healing modalities in such a fun, energetic way you just want to learn more. Highly recommended.


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