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Me Time Therapies Training

Indian Head Massage is an ideal course if you are a therapist wishing to add to their Complementary Therapy skills or if you are wishing to start training in the Complementary Therapy field. The training is very hands on; no previous experience in massage is required.
Previous Indian head massage students offer the therapy now in offices, music festivals and ladies pamper evenings. It is a popular treatment as it can be shortened to 20-30 minutes and the client remains clothed. Feedback from previous students says how much they enjoy doing the Indian head massage treatments as they find themselves relaxing as they carry out the treatment.
Geraldine McCullagh is a fully qualified and insured trainer for the past 18 years.

The Indian Head Massage routine is working on the scalp, neck, back, shoulders, upper arms, back to scalp and faceThe routine takes 50 minutes. The greatest benefit for the client is a deeper sleep, increase in energy levels and time out to themselves to relax.

The content of the two days Indian Head Massage training is
History of Indian Head Massage
Contraindications of Indian Head Massage
The Procedure of the Indian Head Massage Treatment
Preparation of the environment, client and therapist

Geraldine will demonstrate the movements and you then get to practice and receive from other students. She also provides information on how to use your body effectively so that you don’t damage or strain your hands.

You are then asked to complete 10 case studies at home (you will work on approximately 3- 5 clients as you need to do at least 2 treatments on each client) and return approximately 8-10 weeks later to sit a practical exam. You will be asked to do a 1-hour treatment.


Geraldine has been teaching for 22 years and holds an Advanced Certificate in Teaching.
Geraldine’s mission to encourage and inspire as you learn a new skill. Geraldine is an approachable tutor and wishes to make learning a happy experience for you. She is offering you professional training with a support backup service.


What people say


Testimonial from Heather & Laura (Indian Head Massage Course)

If you're looking to branch out into a new field or hoping to add to your skills then you will be hard pushed to find a better course or teacher than Geraldine at me-time therapies.

From the instant we contacted her she was professional, efficient and friendly - even helping us out when circumstances collided with our original dates. That kindness and flexibility is hard to come by.

The instant we arrived we were made to feel completely welcome but no time was wasted and we were into the course before we knew it. As we were both very nervous about the whole thing we found this combination of relaxed yet effective teaching to be invaluable.

Having lunch homemade every day was such a treat and added a really unexpectedly beneficial element to the learning curve. Not only was the homemade bread and soup utterly delectable, it also fostered an atmosphere of good conversation and laughter which spurred us all on in the afternoon (as well as inspiring the inner bread makers in us all!).

We left the course well equipped to do our case studies. We were challenged throughout the two days, happily exhausted and eager to put our new skills into practice.

We cannot thank Geraldine enough for the effort she put into our class. Being a good teacher is a real skill and she definitely has it in abundance.
Heather Reid & Laura MacDonald


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