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Greater Manchester
United Kingdom

Live4Energy Training College

Rachel Earing - Live4Energy Training College

Rachel is the Founder of Live4Energy and Creator of Tap Around The Clock, used in the Tapping In Self Mastery Course Level 1 & II.

She is an Advanced Energy Therapist in

Advanced EFT

Master NLP

Master Reiki

Advanced MBIR


& Nutrition and Weight Management.


Her Brand New Online 12 Month Practitioner Course is now available and gaining considerable acclaim amongst her Trainees.

"This course is intense and enlightening. I'm learning so much about myself.
It can be an emotional rollercoaster when some of the old traumas get unearthed but I always feel lighter and much wiser at the end of the week"
R. Crossley

Lovely to talk to everyone on Sunday evening. Just wanted to let you all know I'm feeling such joy today - very strange sensation, almost out of body experience xxxxx
"I love the content and the explanations that Rachel provides in her videos. This course is both informative and challenging. It forces you to look inward and maybe face aspects of yourself you thought were long gone."
"Update. I stood on a chair at the top of the stairs with no fear of heights whatsoever! Thank you.
And on another level I have had no flashbacks since my 1-1 with you. I have had some slight tummy pain which seems to move from the left to the right side but I'm still working on it and it's intensity is reducing." xxx
Rachel is a strong advocate for helping humankind ready for the New World that is ahead of us and knows this is her true purpose in life.

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