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Live Blood Online

Live Blood Online 12 week certified training course via interactive webinars, online training site, wall charts, manual, private Facebook page for attendees with full backup and support.

Ideal for all Health Professionals, Naturpoaths, Nutritionists, Alternative & Complementary Practitioners, Detox Clinics, gyms & health resorts.

Live Blood Analysis & The Oxidative Stress Test offer a unique opportunity to help practitioners get a clear picture of their clients state of health along with the ability to moniter & demonstrate the efficacy of treatments by recording before and after pictures.

This 12 week course is designed to provide practitioners with the skills to complete an accurate microscopic blood cell analysis with confidence and proficiency. Wall charts (for identification) Manuals, Back-up and Support are provided.

The course is a training system for those who want to learn how to use blood analysis to its full potential.

Practitioners certified by Live Blood London have been trained to a very high standard and level of proficiency.


What people say


"Adding Live blood Analysis to my Naturopathy practice has enabled me to confirm my suspicions via the blood picture, making my job easier!
My patients have been very impressed but most importantly - I have been able to monitor the results of my recommendations by comparing the blood picture before and after to see what is working the most efficiently."

Pierre Margetides


I would like to thank you for putting on such a great class! I am really enjoying it. I can not believe the things I didn't learn from my first round of training. It's a very thorough class.
Trisha McCurdy


I LOVE THE COURSE AND CANT GET ENOUGH OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dr. Berni Massari, PhD


"I thought the first module of the training was excellent and am looking forward to the next session. Dr Botha has been wonderful to deal with. I shopped around looking at systems and was so impressed with the quality of information he offered when making the initial enquiry.
He has been so helpful throughout the entire purchasing process. The added advantage of being able to study through Live Blood Online was also helpful cutting down on the need to travel overseas to study.
Being able to purchase a system and then be taught by the doctor who put the system together makes it feel complete and gives me as a practitioner beginning LBA some confidence and certainty.
So thank you Dr Okker and Elizabeth for your passion and knowledge on this amazing topic. I look forward to my microscope reaching New Zealand so I can begin to practice.
Mel, Naturopath, Hamilton, New Zealand
Mel, Naturopath, Hamilton, New Zealand


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