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Irish Hypnotherapy

Originally from Dublin, Fran Malone MH, Adv dip Hip. MCMA MIHA ICHI has spent a lot of his working life in the caring professions, from his time working with the elderly and right up to his time working as a volunteer with the Samaritans. All of which has added to his experience and empathy when assisting people who may be distressed or needing help when dealing with life changing issues.
With a lifetime interest in Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Fran furthered his education in the UK studying Hypnotherapy and NLP with ‘Hypnotherapy Centre of Excellence’, gaining a Hypnotherapy Practitioners Qualification and membership of the British Institute of Hypnotherapy. Recently returning to education and completing extra training, Fran has gained a Masters in Hypnotherapy.
When Fran returned from the UK where he had been working for several years he continued his education with ‘Irish Hypnosis Ltd’ and having gained further qualifications has opened his own clinic in Tallaght.
Fran’s work in Clinical Hypnotherapy provides support and a very structured approach for any person wanting to quit smoking and lose weight. He also works with clients experiencing life long phobias, social issues and life-limiting restraints.

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