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Holistic Healing College

HHC is an 'In Person' London or 'live Zoom online' Registered college running an accredited / insurance eligible professional Counselling Diploma (integrating holistic therapies).

Also: A full Diploma in Holistic Healing, A complete Practitioner level Hypnotherapist qualification (accredited with the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council) and an insurance eligible Certificate course in Spiritual Life Coaching.

Our flagship 14 module Counselling Diploma combines traditional counselling and psychotherapy techniques with holistic healing, energy psychology, astrology for counsellors, chi kung, soul plan, card reading, life coaching, hypnotherapy, intuitive development and and therapeutic skills integration and many more with a module taking place each month. Courses (since 1999) are regularly updated to include the most effective modern healing methods. 

Student Reviews for Holistic Healing College

Below a snapshot of recent typical graduate testimonials and feedback:

Barbara Blaszak 
The course not only gave me a massive opportunity for self-healing, but also gave me tools to help others by becoming a healer, therapist and Counsellor. This course put me back on the right track and I am close to fulfilling my soul’s purpose. I have also been extremely lucky to meet such beautiful souls at HHC whom I still stay in touch with.  
Martine Lowndes
I have absolutely loved the course and it has changed my life. I am so thankful to you (Sharron - Student Admin), Blue, and all the teachers for making it happen. Your work is having such an impact on people's lives. 
Anna-Lisa Mclean
“This is probably the one of the few courses (if not the only course) available which combines so many different therapy techniques, into one course. The course was also very flexible (e.g. able to retake the recorded training with tutor assistance on modules that I missed due to other commitments). All the staff and students were also very enthusiastic and likeable."
Christopher Richards
Always a lovely group of fellow students each month on the course and was good to have a mix of familiar and new faces each month. Felt very supportive atmosphere to practice the different tools and techniques. The pace of each weekend felt very good and enjoyed the healing of different students and myself during the weekends.
Yasmin Reevies
I felt the course had a broad range of options in regards to techniques that I could use as a practitioner.  A huge thanks to Blue for designing the course and I wish the course continued success. 
Sophie Tibbs  
I loved the course, I've really learned so much & I'm a changed woman because of the experience. I would definitely recommend it to others. 

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