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Cuddle Professionals International

Cuddle Professionals International is the worldwide training, certification and membership body for professionasl cuddlers and therapeutic touch practitioners.

Our certified professional cuddlers provide consensual touch to adults within a framework of pre-agreed boundaries.  Many of our clients just seek human company - two recent surveys found that around 40 percent of adults say they’re lonely, which represents a major increase over the 20 percent of adults who said the same back in 1980.

The advent of professional cuddling is serving a distinctly modern need. While digital technology may provide connection, it doesn’t provide physical touch and it can’t replace real-life friendships.  CPI certified cuddlers offer human touch without judgment. 

Our mission is to promote the consensual, non-sexual holding and touching of adults within defined boundaries as a legitimate and valuable holistic therapy, and to remove the stigma and suspicion surrounding the professional provision of platonic touch.

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