57 The Chine
Muswell Hill
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57 The Chine
Muswell Hill
N10 3PX
United Kingdom

Cosmodic Training School

Cosmodic Training Course for Professionals

This Cosmodic course for professoinals is for those who wish to integrate Cosmodic technology into their own practice using their own skill set. It is a hands on course incorporating theory for the first part of the day and practical application each afternoon. We invite patients from our own practice to attend for treatment and we also expect each participant to be prepared to work on each other.

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What Serap says.. 

Although I had a deep belief and trust in Cosmodic before I attended the course as a result of my early research efforts on the technology, the solid and flawless results I obtained during the course has encouraged me more.


What people say


Dear Vivienne,

I can not even remember the number of hands-on training courses that I have attended so far during my 25 years long professional life as a specialist medical doctor. The last experience with you during this training in London has been the most unforgettable one and a turning point in my entire professional life. I have always believed in the insufficiency of relying only on the surgical solutions and use of medicine as the method of medical treatments. On the other hand, I have always stayed away at a certain distance from totally holistic aproaches, while I appreciate some of them as alternative solutions on certain cases, because of their inability to generate measurable results most of the time.

On this occasion, I have personally seen and witnessed a very different approach with Scenar-Cosmodic to a number of medical problems. In this new aproach, differences between classical medical methods and holistic methods disappear and intuition, higher mind, love and affection and also wisdom mixes up with science to create a magnificent new method for medical diagnosis and treatment. We have all witnessed to an unbelievable synthesis of intuition and human oriented medical approach of the East with a miraculously new approach, most likely coming from beyond the Earth, during this training course.

Although I had a deep belief and thrust in Scenar-Cosmodic before I attended the course as a result of my early research efforts on the technology, the solid and flawless results I obtained during the course has encouraged me more.

I am now in the process of opening up my Eye and Scenar-Cosmodic treatments center in Ankara with all the courage and enthusiasm I got from you both. I had great honour and happiness because of getting together and working with you and the other course attendants during that wonderful course. I am feeling very lucky to know you and attend that course. I would like to thank you all and wish to see you
Dr Serap Akdag Gokmen, M.D., Eye Surgeon


“As a GP, I see many patients who have complex medical problems, some of whom, modern medicine unfortunately has no treatment or cure. Some were at the end of the line with their medical treatment with no resolution, others have failed surgical procedures etc. Hence, it is absolutely a privilege to learn about this technology and to be able to offer these patients some hope of a treatment. Some of my patients had amazing results following scenar or cosmodic treatment.

I have also had the experience of learning how to use the cosmodic from other sources. I can tell you, however, that if you want to learn how to use the cosmodic for professional use, and you don’t speak Russian, this is definitely the course to go to. Vivienne and Sherine are very professional in teaching and conducting the course. However, more importantly, they teach the foundation and first principles of cosmodic technology and how to get the best out of the cosmodic. I think this is very important for professionals as you are only as good as the results you achieve from your patients.

The course was run over 3 days in a small group. There were lectures, presentations and treatment sessions. Each of us were given the opportunity to treat someone from within the group and an external volunteer to emulate real life situations. It was very hands on and mentored very well by both Vivienne and Sherine. There were plenty of opportunities to ask questions / Q&A sessions through-out. By the end of the 3 days we all have a very good foundation in using the cosmodic at a professional level. To be a certified practitioner though, you have to submit several hours of case studies and have an assessment by Vivienne or Sherine.

The atmosphere of the course was quite relaxed. The food was a scrumptious, gluten-free, vegan affair which suited me fine. Personally I would recommend anyone who would like to use the cosmodic device at a professional level, to attend the course in order to take full advantag


Still at the start of my journey with Scenar-Cosmodic, this course has given me the background and practical knowledge to use my device with much more confidence. I finished the course armed with not only a far greater understanding of how and why the device can effect such profound results but importantly for me, a diagnostic / treatment protocol that provides structure, quantifiable measure of changes ... and ... the ability to know when enough has been done in any one session! "More must be better" is definitely NOT the case.

The dynamic of the group training enabled the sharing of experiences, ideas, and questions which added even more value to the two days. A great training and a great group - thank you all.

Sylvana Ginella


“A highly instructive, no nonsense, practical course!
I am highly impressed with both Vivienne’s and Sherine’s knowledge, experience and dedication.
Being able to practise on volunteers with real issues/conditions is a big bonus and enhances our education.
Definitely worth my time and effort coming all the way from Australia for this course.”


Thanks for an excellent course. I learned so much and now feel confident enough to treat people. I have read so much about how to use the Scenar Cosmodic but your course has taught me far more than everything I have read. Your vast experience and practical knowledge gave me enormous reassurance when we were treating each other and the patients that came in for us to treat under your expert eye. You just cannot beat real live hands on experience! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us all.

Best wishes,


Susanna McIntyre, BVSc MRCVS, PDNN Naturopathic Nutritionist, Founding President of The British Veterinary Dental Association


I am very happy that I've invested my time and money to the professional training. It confirmed my intuitive feeling about this technology and at the same time shifted my understanding how to use it for the best results and opened the gate to the new, more focused and detailed level of work.

You can expect loads of information of both theoretical and practical nature about this work interwoven together and held by holistic frame of reference. Both Sherine and Vivienne know their stuff very well, have enormous amount of experience and they have good energy together.

Also you can expect receiving treatment as well as practicing under their supervision which is very, very helpful embodied experience. And you will learn a lot from the group wisdom as well. You can be sure that someone will ask the questions you even don't know you need to know the answers to.

So at the end you are leaving the seminar more confident about this work, theoretically saturated with some "hand on" working experience and with simple practical protocol which can help you contain and structure your work with the device. And the rest is up to you.

Thank you very much.
Ondrej Stanek


I attended a Level 1 Scenar-Cosmodic course with Vivienne Constad at her practice in North London in November 2011. I’m a sports and remedial massage therapist originally from London, and have lived in southern Spain for 8 years. I had been researching different methods of pain relief for several years in order to help my existing clients, and I eventually discovered the amazing benefits of Scenar-Cosmodic. Scenar technology has been used in Russia for over 40 years, and has been available in the UK for over 10 years. There are no reports of any side effects, and the results in many cases are nothing short of remarkable.

I researched the courses available, and made contact with Vivienne Constad, the official LET Medical representative for the UK. From the very first contact, I found Vivienne to be very professional, highly experienced, and vastly knowledgeable in the field of pain relief and health. Correspondence was conducted via email initially, and I found that Vivienne responded very promptly to my questions, often giving very detailed responses.

* * * * *
Prior to training with Vivienne I made contact with at least 8 other therapists working in the UK, and in Spain to obtain an objective opinion of how successful the treatment really was! Some of these therapists knew Vivienne and spoke very highly of her. Others had trained in different parts of the UK, and in Ireland. All were using Scenar technology in their practices and were achieving great results.

Having researched different colleges and courses offering Scenar / Scenar-Cosmodic tuition, I found Vivienne to be the most helpful. She has been working with Scenar technology for over 11 years both in her private practice, and in private hospitals and clinics. Having worked closely with the Alexander Karasev the Russian inventor of the technology, she has also been privy to the development of the device. Having researched other colleges I realised that they were using much older devices. Vivi
Natasha Trendell


I recently was lucky enough to attend a course held by Vivienne Constad and Sherine Lovegrove on Holistic Therapy using the amazing Ex735 AG Modific sliding technology invented and refined by the Russian scientist Alexander Karasev
The two days were packed with information and was delivered in such a way that it held my attention completely from start to finish.
Vivienne spoke in a way that was simple and technical at the same time, sharing a wealth of experience that only comes with complete dedication in holistic healing. Sherine complimented Vivienne with her medical knowledge and other complexities used when teaching doctors and other professionals . The whole course used charts, illustration and other visual aids plus practical application time.
By the end of two days we had a really good understanding of the Cosmodic and what it was capable of plus a much better understanding of the Spine and it's various nervous systems. We were given methods of obtaining diagnosis and application of treatment protocol and how to gauge a course cycle/break period cycle. The course included a talk on Nutrition, Wellbeing,Spirituality and our responsibility for ourselves.
I found it to be a completely rounded course and well worth my while.

Belinda Hayes


As far as my testimonial, I'd really like you to know how wonderful I felt my experience was. It was far more than I was expecting to be honest and I really enjoyed myself. I think the two things that stood out for me, were firstly the warmth that both you exude. It was lovely to meet you. I really enjoyed the balance of wit alongside the serious teaching. It's also clear that you embody this as a way of life and I think that is the biggest take home message for me - we have the power, if only we accept the responsibility.

Secondly, the depth and particularly breadth of your knowledge was awe inspiring. It gave the course an added depth and credibility that was a lovely surprise. It also has opened me up so many more avenues of learning that I would have never known to consider.

I hope to keep in touch.

Dr Amy


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