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Naturally Dietstyle - Meet the Author


Simple, easy, fun, informative, practical, effective

Simple, easy, fun, informative, practical, effective. Authored by Ms Ruha Thevi Veerasenan (UK
CMA), NATURALLY DIETSTYLE is the ultimate all-in-one guide to Holistic Nutrition and Health. This
work summarizes and delivers over 30 years of Holistic Nutrition research and practice – in plain
terms. If you ever thought that Nutrition was a difficult subject and Health just a dream… let this
book show you otherwise!

Keep health at your fingertips, with the “5 Pillars of Health”. Master the “Art of Eating Right”. And
you will have found all the tools to win back your health and happiness. Health is not about
sacrifices, stressful diets, expensive supplements nor crazy gym workouts.
It is all about a simple and natural...DIETSTYLE!


When Hippocrates said his famous words “Let medicine be your food, and food be your medicine”, he meant a simple thing: Public Health.

Public Health is not about empowering doctors and scientists. It is not about empowering the pharmaceutical industry, nor is it about creating bigger and more modern hospitals, to host more sick people.

On the contrary, Public Health is about empowering the masses. It is about spreading simple knowledge about health, disease, as well as the cause-effect relationship between food and lifestyle choices, and health or disease. It is about providing the masses with simple, practical and effective tools to make informed decisions about their food and lifestyle, allowing people to be healthy by simply preventing and avoiding disease.

That is Public Health.


Health and Disease are simple choices. Mother Nature has designed us to be healthy. In the same way, She has provided us with a simple set of common-sense guidelines, that we can choose to follow or not to follow. Following these simple guidelines, aligning our food habits and lifestyle to nature, will guarantee everlasting health. Not following these guidelines, will lead us to disease. It is our choice.


Ms Ruha Thevi Veerasenan is a Member of the UK CMA. She is a certified Nutritionist (IRL) and Master Herbalist (UK), Public Speaker, Author. She has been personally following and practising the natural principles of Holistic Nutrition for the past 35 years, since the young age of 12.


With a goal in mind to educate the masses, and free them from the slavery of disease, and of the modern food and pharmaceutical industries, she has launched The Nutrivolution (, a movement aimed at spreading genuine knowledge about Holistic  Nutrition, and Health. The motto is “Be the Master of your Health”.


By means of workshops and seminars, articles, social media posts, and now with her book NATURALLY DIESTYLE (, she has been influencing thousands of people worldwide, inviting them to make positive changes to their food habits and lifestyle, helping them improve greatly their health and wellbeing.


Written in simple terms so as to be easily understood by anyone and everyone – disregarding of their age, education or cultural background; full of no-nonsense, practical knowledge that can easily be applied in the Reader’s everyday life, this book delivers the simplest and most effective solutions to all of our health issues.


Her young and adult Readers say it best, in their many testimonials: NATURALLY DIETSTYLE is “fun”, “entertaining”, “very easy to understand, even for the layman”, yet “enlightening”; it is “practical”, “straightforward”; it is “effective” to the point that people are just amazed at “how simple it is to achieve and maintain good health” “without efforts nor sacrifices”. Publishing Houses of international level have praised the book as “thought-provoking”, “informative”, “a great contribution to the genre”.


Ruha’s teachings, her knowledge and all the principles as highlighted in the Book NATURALLY DIETSTYLE ( are now being adopted worldwide by countless people, families, sportspeople and athletes, health coaches and health consultants, nutritionists, dieticians, chefs and cooks, general doctors, vegan and vegetarian lifestyle fans and promoters, business people. But most of all, by caring grandmothers, loving parents, concerned adults, health-conscious youth.


Ruha and The Nutrivolution ( support the work of those NGOs around the world who believe in the saying “food is medicine, medicine is food”, and who are genuinely promoting nutrition and health among their communities. The Nutrivolution is supplying the book in bulk to these NGOs (Pacific Islands, South East Asia - and soon in the US, Canada and Europe too), who will make the book available at their community centres, public and private schools, in an intent to reach and educate more people.


NATURALLY DIETSTYLE can be purchased online at

Free delivery, worldwide.


For any info and enquiries about the Author and her work at The Nutrivolution; for any offers of sponsorship or partnerships, please do feel free to visit:



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