Giuliana Wheater - A  Life of Working in Neurodiversity



Giuliana Wheater is an author & multi-award-winning therapist working with autism, SEN & other neurodiversities. 


She grew her work from her personal life cards of raising four neurodiverse children including an autistic son for whom she had to fight so hard against seemingly impossible odds: all whilst living with the 2nd highest recorded case of domestic abuse in Somerset at the time.


She grew her work against this background, bringing therapies to children and young adults with autism and other "special needs" from her journey with her autistic son. She wrote a book about her work in secret (Indian Head Massage for Special Needs available from Jessica Kingsley Publishing or Amazon) and when she was discovered, she was dragged by her coat collar from a speeding car. Her home had been saturated with spy cameras.


Her ex-husband got a 21-year custodial sentence. 


She never expected all the incredible things that have grown along her journey.


The heart-breaking battle for her son who was broken by the mainstream school system, became a fight for so many others without a voice, whether it is because of domestic violence, different ability or disability. 


She founded Rainbow Kids Touch Therapy & Therapies For Special Needs, to help young people find their voices, their gifts, their "songs". Little did she know that they would go on to give her her's! 


She now takes this work to schools and organisations everywhere, training and teaching all over the world.


She’s also a motivational keynote public speaker and active advocate who is a passionate educator & the Wellbeing Ambassador for the autism charity AnnaKennedyOnline.


Her work has been recognised by the Children’s University.


She has been featured several times on BBC radio & in the National press as well as regional and local publications. 

A specialist panel member of the UK IHM Community, she has also fundraised extensively for autism and other neurodivergent charities. She has also won a prestigious Community Award for her work within schools and specialist academies.


She is a regular contributor and writer for many autism magazines such as Autism Eye, SEN magazine and Autism Parenting, all of which, like her public speaking and charity work, she does for free. 

She strongly advocates for acceptance, change and inclusion.



Her autistic son, Ollie, who was told would "never achieve " is now studying for his PhD!


When she began this work 16 years ago The Complementary Medical Association said that as far as they knew no one had ever worked with autistic children in this way (Giuliana invented the job from my life cards, £50 in her pocket and a foot which had been broken in three places!)  and she is now a college/teacher member and Centre of Excellence with us.


During Covid, Giuliana pulled out all the stops to reach as many people as she could with free daily and weekly therapy tips to help get families through by setting up a public Facebook group and YouTube channel. None of this work was paid and like everyone else, the financial impact was hard, especially having a business based around touch, but as she said at the time, “Even if I have to make videos from a tent, I’ll never stop sharing!”


More recently, Giuliana was shortlisted as a Positive Role Model for the National Diversity Awards 2021 out of 55,000 nominees and was awarded a Certificate of Achievement in recognition of all her hard work and the extraordinary journey it took to get there.


Giuliana says it all just still “feels like a dream, “The girl with no voice, who never set out to look for any of this .... it felt extraordinary to suddenly be given her voice back! “


However, her proudest achievement is being a Mum not only to her own gorgeous quirky children but to literally thousands of other children and young adults. 


They remain to this day her biggest teachers.



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