Detoxing Our Environments


Detoxing Our Environments


For those of us in Britain, Spring finally seems to be ‘springing’!

The natural impetus for many of us is to start to look at what we can do to declutter, cleanse and detox.  Naturally, we are all familiar with the idea of spring cleaning – and usually, this applies to our environment and, for many of us, our thoughts also turn to optimal health strategies.  What can we do to harness the power of Spring to improve our health – in every respect? Better health now will always support better health in the future and the choices we make and the actions we take, each and every day, predict our future wellbeing to a huge extent.

Our direct environment is crucial and by ensuring that the spaces we inhabit (our home, office and more), are as healthy for us as possible, is part of an optimal lifestyle and wellness strategy.  As a bonus, by cleansing our environment, it helps us to age more slowly and even in some cases, ‘rewind’ our body clocks.

Taking stock of the potential toxins in one’s environment is a really sensible idea.  In fact, I've noticed in my practice that lots of people have been coming to me with all sorts of ‘strange’ conditions that nobody can really seem to explain in conventional medical terms. These include allergies, headaches, asthma, neurological disorders, depression, unexplained weight gain and much more. The truth is, that just a few decades ago these nebulous conditions that are incredibly difficult to diagnose were rarely seen and, in some cases, they didn't even exist. There is a branch of healthcare called Environmental Medicine and doctors and complementary medical practitioners who practice this form of medicine believe that the environmental stressors that we are exposed to on a continual basis are the underlying factor in the huge growth of these conditions.

Two of the most important environmental stressors are Environmental Pollution and Electro Smog:


Environmental Pollution

We will all be aware of the problems that external environmental pollution causes; despite the Clean Air Act, we still get smog and other airborne particulates including Saharan dust and pollution coming across the Channel from our European neighbours. We haven’t seen anything as serious as the overwhelming smog disaster of 1952 when it was estimated that between 4000 and 8,000 people died as a direct result of the air pollution.

External pollution caused by environmental factors presents a serious health problem and the WHO has data which shows that it definitely shortens our life-spans - and we need to try to avoid it if at all possible. However, there is a more insidious problem that exists within our homes. We are surrounded by artificially produced items which exude chemicals These items include furniture, carpeting, upholstery and even pesticides in our food. The colourless and odourless poisons that are on, in and exuded by these items have become part of our lives for the last 30 to 40 years. The problem is that our exposure to these chemicals is relentless: whereas acute exposure to chemical substances can cause an immediate reaction, e.g. allergies which, while inconvenient and uncomfortable, very often will not do any long-lasting damage to our overall health. However, chronic, relentless exposure over a longer period of time can be much more deadly, simply because we are not aware of it – and it is therefore a ‘silent problem’.  So, we don’t produce any noticeable symptoms as such, but the negative effects which are thought to be cumulative may not appear for decades. This chronic exposure to chemicals that are completely synthetic and do not exist in nature can, over time, compromise our health and especially our immune system activity and this, in turn, makes it much more of a struggle to remain healthy. There is strong evidence which suggests that chronic chemical exposure actually shortens our lifespans.

So, bearing all this in mind, the best thing to do is to reduce your consumption of chemicals in your home and use natural cleaning products; white vinegar, lemon juice, and baking soda.  These are all incredibly useful cleaning agents, they’re cheap, non-toxic and they work! Beware of cleaning agents that claim to contain ‘natural’ ingredients - a study conducted a couple of years ago showed that many of these claims did not stand up to scrutiny.  Choose furniture and furnishings made from natural materials. Use non-bio washing powder or none at all. Use a good quality water filter and last but not least choose organic decorating materials.


Electro Smog

When cleaning up your environment to reduce your exposure to harmful elements, think about trying to reduce your exposure to ‘electro-smog’:  this is caused by electromagnetic fields which are believed to be dangerous.  These include the emissions from human made sources such as radio wave signals, microwaves, wifi and mobile phone masts. These frequencies are believed, by an increasing number of scientists and lay people, to be harmful. The EMFs around our homes represent a growing health hazard and it is thought that the reason for this is because they have an unnatural resonance that is completely out of sync with our body's natural resonance. We’re not all affected by the EMFs to the same degree with some of us being far more sensitive. However, it is a wise idea to reduce your exposure to mobile phones, transmitters and electricity supply lines all of which could possibly cause problems in the body.  Turn off your wifi at night, unplug as many items as you can and never sleep with your mobile phone switched on and near you.

Reducing exposure to undesirable elements such as environmental pollutants and EMFs is a smart idea, and I personally believe that we won’t really fully understand the damage that these cause until several decades into the future.


Please bear this in mind: It’s incredibly important not to get too hung up on negativity. Sure, it will take a little time and effort to cleanse your environment of toxins so, start small: in the short term de-clutter your environment, getting rid of anything that you suspect that might cause you problems. Also, think about what you can do on a personal level to reduce your own environmental footprint. Don’t get stressed out by worrying about toxin exposure, just address the issue step by step.  Stress will not help and is a huge hindrance to a happy and healthy life.  Finally, embrace nature, and, providing we haven’t got another smog attack, throw open your windows, let the sunshine in, treat yourself to a beautiful bunch of flowers, put your favourite music on and simply delight in life, knowing you’re doing the very best you can.


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