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Whether you are a fully qualified, professional complementary medical practitioner, or someone who is really into your health and wellness – or anybody with an interest in helping promote the practice of top quality, effective Natural Healthcare and Complementary Medicine – do Join The CMA Today!

The Complementary Medical Association has a great deal to offer ethical companies and organisations who wish to work in partnership with us. The Complementary Medical Association is highly selective about the companies that we work with and will only offer CMA Approved Supplier Membership to those companies that we wholeheartedly believe to offer the very best products and services.

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Jayney Goddard, President of The
Complementary Medical Association welcomes

Omer Harpaz

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We have experience &
special interest working
with people who deal
with:Stress and Pain
ManagementSports ...

Peter Hudson

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My aim as a therapist is to
help you ease those
muscular aches and
pains by using massage
techniques depending on

Jill Harwood-Smith

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I am a Nutritional
Therapist with a special
interest in weight
management through
healthy eating.  I have ...

Andrea Vallance

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I have been a
complementary medical
health care practitioner
for 16 years.I treat acute
and chronic muscular ...

Sandra Blair

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Bio-Energy Healing is a
very gentle yet powerful
treatment. It requires very
little touch and is safe to
use on all conditions. The

Jacqueline Brown

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My name is Jacqueline
Brown, a qualified
practising Counsellor
with a legal background
working in Uxbridge, ...

Career Institute

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The International Career
Institute (ICI) is a leading
provider of distance
learning courses in a
wide variety of career ...

Hijama Care

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Hijama Care (HC) is the
leading Course Provider,
Consultants, Certifying
Body and member of
CMA, UK of Hijama ...

Awareness Is

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Dr Itai Ivtzan - BioDr Itai
Ivtzan is a chartered
psychologist and holds a
position as a Full-Time
Positive Psychology ...


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LIFE!Come and learn
how to use Musical ...

College of
Sound Healing

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The College of Sound
Healing provides a
comprehensive training
in sound healing and
sound therapy with ...

Therapies ...

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THERAPIES is a Charity.
Number XT26322.If
you're looking for ultimate

Acupuncture May Bring Relief For Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
Acupuncture May Bring Relief For Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

It was found that the use of acupuncture reduces activity in
the sympathetic nervous system (as well as in those who took

Surviving Swine Flu - H1N1
Surviving Swine Flu - H1N1

Swine Flu - H1N1"The Survivor’s Guide to Swine Flu: The
Complementary Medical Approach" - revised and updated - ...

BMJ: 'Eat more flavonoid-rich fruits and veg to prevent weight gain'
BMJ: 'Eat more flavonoid-rich fruits and veg to prevent weight gain'

BMJ: 'Eat more flavonoid-rich fruits and veg to prevent weight

BIZARRE Medical Facts

A cup of tea and a slice of spicy honey cake
- or rather some of it's ingredients - are all ......
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Q. "I think it's worth buying organic produce"


Q. "Complementary Medicine and Natural Healthcare treatments are an invaluable part of healthcare today."

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