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Whether you are a fully qualified, professional complementary medical practitioner, or someone who is really into your health and wellness – or anybody with an interest in helping promote the practice of top quality, effective Natural Healthcare and Complementary Medicine – do Join The CMA Today!

The Complementary Medical Association has a great deal to offer ethical companies and organisations who wish to work in partnership with us. The Complementary Medical Association is highly selective about the companies that we work with and will only offer CMA Approved Supplier Membership to those companies that we wholeheartedly believe to offer the very best products and services.

Swine Flu - H1N1 "The Survivor’s Guide to Swine Flu: The Complementary Medical Approach" - revised and updated - bridges the gap between Complementary and Conventional Medicine and will help you to make an informed decision about ways to look after your health when faced with a potentially serious pandemic. The healthcare advice in this book is based upon historical data and extensive scientific research – with references to over 500 supporting studies. We’re going to take you through the facts, so that you’ll have all the information you need in order to decide how you feel YOU can best survive Swine Flu.

Jayney Goddard, President of The
Complementary Medical Association welcomes

Jovinder Hoonjan

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Holistic Well-being
Practitioner using
Shamanic, Reiki and
Innerwise healing.
Offering meditation ...

Sheila Whittaker

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Sheila's professional
working history - she was
originally a classically
trained professional
violinist and musician ...

Jacqueline Bailey

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We are an Awarded
family business offering a
extensive range of
Energy, Holistic, Beauty,
Spa and Various ...

Delta Streete

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Natural Health
Coach Combating Stress
Relieving PainClinical


Clare Harrington

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Coaching For
LifeChildren, Young
Adults and
AdultsProviding a
coaching service for ...

Helena Cooper

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Newly qualified Holistic
Aromatherapy Massage
Therapist, providing a
relaxing and tranquil
experience from my home

Body in Balance

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Body in Balance was
founded in 2008 and is
based in the beautiful
New Forest in
Hapmshire.Body in ...

Oisin School of

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The Oisin School of
Bio-Energy is based in
Ireland.Trainings in
Bio-Energy  twice ...

Haven of Peace
Light School ...

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An intuitive therapist and
teacher. Training is given
in a private, confidential
room.Supervised practical
and comprehensive ...

Etico Life

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Etico Life School™ is a
registered school with the
CMA (The Complimentary
Medical Association). Our
accredited courses have


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Alexandra Wenman is an
Angelic Reiki Master
Teacher, holistic therapist
(Basic Golden Heart
Merkabah Teacher, ...

Holistic Ways

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I am a holistic therapist
and specialist trainer with
over 18 years of
experience.I believe life is
a continual learning ...

EMMETT Technique uses Smartphone Technology as a Measure of its Success

EMMETT Technique uses Smartphone Technology as a
Measure of its Success ...

Wash dishes to relieve stress
Wash dishes to relieve stress

Wash dishes to relieve stress

Ocean Jade Health Retreat - Opening Soon!
Ocean Jade Health Retreat - Opening Soon!

Ocean Jade Health Retreat - Opening Soon!

BIZARRE Medical Facts

Alice in Wonderland Syndrome is a rather
peculiar disorder that certainly befits its title. ...
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Q. "I think it's worth buying organic produce"


Q. "Complementary Medicine and Natural Healthcare treatments are an invaluable part of healthcare today."

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